Ali G Worries ADL
News/Comment; Posted on: 2006-10-01 21:34:17

Zionists say parody "too sophisticated"

Sacha Cohen, the comic who makes his living stereotyping Muslims as Ali G (pictured), has prompted the ADL of B'nai Brith to express deep concern in a press release.

One might expect the ADL to be concerned about the obvious double standard, allowing "politically correct" defamation. After all, it doesn't go unnoticed and could trigger a backlash against Jews, who claim to be against this sort of thing.

Yet the ADL's concern has nothing to do with Cohen's smearing and ridiculing of Arabs as idiotic and irrational Jew-haters, or his promoting of every negative Arab stereotype. Rather, the ADL believes Cohen's parody to be - in their words - "dangerously too sophisticated" for Gentile audiences.

"We are concerned that the audience may not be sophisticated enough to get the joke, and that some may even find it reinforcing their bigotry," says the ADL. Of course. they're referring to bigotry against Jews - not Arabs.

The ADL did level one critique of Cohen's work: "It is unfortunate that Mr. Cohen chose to make jokes at the expense of Kazakhstan. It would have been better to have used a mythological country, rather than focus on a specific nation."
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