Ads Declare Population Driven Environmental Crisis In California
Report; Posted on: 2005-09-06 13:55:34

Mass immigration cited as number one factor driving population growth.

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Santa Barbara, CA—August 23, 2005

A leading California population organization has launched an ad campaign emphasizing the effects of population growth on the California environment. The campaign focuses on Kern County, California, identified by the American Lung Association as the county with the second worst ozone polluted air in the nation.

CAPS President Diana Hull commented, “Kern County air is very damaging to health. It’s second only to Los Angeles. The air is so bad, 65% of all summer days are dangerous for kids with asthma. That’s no way to grow up.” Hull went on to cite the immigration driven population explosion as one of the factors nobody wants to discuss, “To deny immigration driven population growth in California is hurting our environment is to deny not only the facts but our everyday experience. The crowding is undeniable. Yet, organizations like the Sierra Club say immigration has nothing to do with environmental degradation. But the fact is more people mean more cars and trucks polluting our air. It’s sad to see organizations that used to have such strong convictions put self serving agendas before a healthy environment.”

The radio spots begin with a man coughing uncontrollably and talking about the air in Kern county in between coughs. The spot points out that more than 90% of California’s population growth over the last decade is due to immigration and births to immigrants. It goes on to make the point that in order to address the environmental effects of overpopulation, we have to address immigration.”

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Press release

While the Californians for Population Stabilization group has no connection with National Vanguard, we are pleased to see honest, organic responses such as this one to the very real threat posed by Mestizo colonization of California.

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