Abandoned and Betrayed
Opinion; Posted on: 2005-09-02 09:48:17

Rely on one another, and we can withstand government betrayal.

by Warren Drake

WHEN WILL Americans wake up to the fact that their government has abandoned them, and that foreigners in the Middle East are more of a concern to the power-hungry warlords in Washington -- who are little different than the criminal caravans of Somalia-esque gangsters in New Orleans -- than Americans back home? Awareness of absolute Zionist power is settling in, through the cold harsh reality of hunger, disease, and violence as U.S. military forces remain in desert lands and are ordered to not return to the States: “There will be no large-scale shifting of U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan to help with disaster relief in Louisiana and Mississippi, a U.S. Central Command spokesman said Thursday.” And Bush said just yesterday, “We’re doing all we can.” Really, Georgey Boy?

(ILLUSTRATION: A White woman and her child escaping savage African-like conditions in New Orleans.)

For years, neoconservative talking heads told us how wonderful it is for the people in Iraq: new schools are being built, infrastructure is taking shape, and people have ink-stained fingers from free elections. Of course, all of this is an illusion and none of it true. But, even if it was, what difference does it make for Americans back home other than that we may feel better about ourselves for being such kind-hearted people? Misguided altruism is no substitute for national sovereignty; it will come back to haunt us. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but there will assuredly come a time when funds, resources, and compassion that should have been conserved for that future catastrophe will be needed at home. Now, we’re exhausted; there’s no more cash or even moral support to give, and I don’t intend to.

What isn’t an illusion, however, is that 8,000 Israeli settlers [i.e. terrorists] will receive $2.5 billion in U.S. taxpayer funds for new homes: $312,500 per Israeli settler. In U.S. terms, the cost to pay for a new home for each Israeli settler is the equivalent of 26 years of collective welfare payments for one family. Who knew lottery winners lived in Israel…

My concern is for my own people, White people, and not the Africans in New Orleans who by and large are a drain on hard-working and law-abiding White taxpayers. In an instant, when they were forced to live on their own vis--vis Hurricane Katrina, they resorted to their primitive and animalistic behavior. All of the environment-based education didn’t help in the least bit, and integration and multiculturalism reared its ugly head in the most obvious of ways, like the video footage of Black children lynching naked White Barbie dolls from a post outside the Superdome. At age 6, their biological nature has already taken hold. It is safe to say this came as no shock to anyone. Wait, did I tell you that fanatical Israeli settlers are receiving a little over a quarter-of-a-million for new homes?

(ILLUSTRATION: Israeli settler trains future generations for terrorism.)

We must abandon any faith (what’s left of it anyway) in the system, and begin networking and relying on one another. A counter-culture and self-reliant community of White Americans who through hard work and dedication can withstand anything the government has in store for us.

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