AIDS Epidemic Among Black Elite
News/Comment; Posted on: 2004-02-12 09:53:53

by Ted Wansley (pictured)

Just as police are cleaning up the last of the “hate flyers” that the National Alliance distributed, which warn readers against HIV transmission from having sex with Black males, Yahoo has posted an Associated Press report making many of the same claims as the Alliance. The AP report cites a recent CDC study revealing a startling increase in HIV infections among Black heterosexual college students in North Carolina having “risky sexual encounters with other men.”

In the last three years, North Carolina researchers found that 73 of 84 new HIV patients at its colleges were Black men, with only one admitting to using injected drugs. They say they expect similar increases in colleges across the South.

Following the example of the National Alliance, AP put responsible journalism before political correctness when they wrote, “The high rate of AIDS infection among U.S. blacks has been one of the most striking difficulties of AIDS prevention.

“Experts have long lamented the high rate of risky sex among gay black men. Poverty is often listed as a strong contributor, so the new findings among relatively well-off college students were unexpected.

"The upsurge is driven by young men having risky sexual encounters with other men. Typically they do not consider themselves to be gay or bisexual and may even have girlfriends, as well."

The biological predisposition of Blacks to behavior which is perverted or morally lax -- by White standards -- has long been pointed out by the National Alliance in the context of the extreme health risk for Whites of permitting sexual contact with Blacks.

Associated Press report

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