ABC Targets White Children
News/Comment; Posted on: 2005-10-21 02:58:21

Network places young musicians in harm's way.

Commentary by Jeff Hook

THERE'S A REASON why ABC News ranks last among the four major networks in households, total viewers and adults 18-49, the demographic category coveted by advertisers. In case you didn't know, ABC's dismal performance over the last several years has Disney shareholders fuming amid a hostile takeover bid by Comcast. For example, ABC's Primetime news magazine, which ran last night at ten, is not even within reach of the top 20 prime-time TV shows.

Here's the problem. ABC is fanatical in its anti-White ideology. They go too far by telling outright lies, as in Tuesday's headline "White Supremacists Riot in Toledo."

Last night's show, starring Cynthia McFadden, began with a carefully edited hit-piece on Lynx and Lamb Gaede -- two 13-year-old girl singers who've appeared at National Vanguard events. The enchanting twins are popular musicians who offer inspiration and hope to White nationalists everywhere. ABC's message was clear: they must be stopped.

In Israel, those who provide inspiration and hope to Palestinians striving for self-determination are subjected to "targeted killings." You don't have to be a terrorist to be targeted for a killing, just bad for Israel. After watching this program I have no doubt that ABC executives would launch an airstrike against the Gaede twins if they had the power to do so. ABC wants these kids dead.

The Primetime hit-piece actually linked the singing duo to the Oklahoma City bombing, flashing cleverly distorted images of Dr. William L. Pierce that made him look like a bloated monster. William Pierce wrote "The Turner Diaries" you see, which the New York City bottom-feeders describe as "the primary motivation for bomber Timothy McVeigh." No mention of Waco.

Rapid-fire editing ala MTV links the youngsters to the "Holocaust" by showing their images interspersed with those of Jewish corpses being bulldozed into trenches. Heavy doses of stiff-armed saluting abound, courtesy of unrelated file footage.

Utilizing 60-Minutes-style slash and burn editing technique, only a few complete sentences from the original all-day interview remain. Sentences having to do with Hitler. These exchanges between the children and McFadden were described in a recent stormfront message string. Their mother, April Gaede, wrote:

"Cynthia McFadden, who did the interview, really kind of lost it a few times and was harassing the girls on several occasions. The girls held their own and gave her a good debate. I figure they are now trying to edit so that Cynthia doesn't come across as too mean to the kids.

"Lynx and Lamb said that they were so mad they didn't want her anywhere near them ever again. I felt that Cynthia took advantage of their age and tried to put words in their mouth. At one point she was going on and on about Hitler, and I finally intervened and said 'what is all this about Hitler, the kids are only 12 and that was 60 years ago.' Cynthia said the girls brought the subject of Hitler up. Lamb said 'No, you are the one that brought it up' and pointed her finger right in Cynthia's face. It was a moment that I am sure will end up on the cutting room floor."

After linking the twins to the so-called Holocaust and the Oklahoma City bombing, McFadden goes the extra mile by blaming the pre-teens for the Toledo riot. Footage of the rampage was chopped into little bits and interspersed with images of the children as they sang a song about Rudolph Hess, who attempted to broker peace between Germany and England during World War Two.

McFadden doesn't interview any Waco survivors; no interviews with White victims in Toledo; just Nazis targeting Blacks and Jews. Oh, yes, and also no mention that the thousand or so who smashed-up and burned that Toledo neighborhood were gang members -- Crips and Bloods. At ABC, children don't rate balanced coverage.

Under the guise of "journalism," Primetime attempts to stigmatize and stereotype European Americans as the primary perpetrators of "hate" at the expense of two lovely twelve-year-old girls who merely oppose ABC ideology -- a new low. In doing so, ABC subjects its mostly White audience to the demoralizing message that Whites, more so than other races, have "hidden prejudices" that must be explored and purged. Could that Marxist hogwash have something to do with the three-year ABC ratings plunge and the sky-rocketing popularity of

Furthermore, by exposing two innocent children to this stunning collection of lies and distortions, ABC executives have created a dangerous environment. An environment in which certain people will feel justified in taking action. If that happens -- if the same sort of people who peppered this Web site with hate-filled emails within minutes of the show's airing take physical action against these perfectly innocent children, at a concert or a fair, I predict that Comrade McFadden (pictured) will bite the dust within 24 hours.

(Note: If you care to follow the exploits of McFadden, you can see her on ABC's dying show Nightline, as she is replacing Ted Koppel as host.)

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