A White Majority For New Orleans?
Report; Posted on: 2005-09-04 18:21:30

Much of New Orleans was destroyed before Katrina. Bring back the Crescent City's Gallic charm!

By Jeff Davis

Allow me to engage for a moment in a little pure speculation, or possibly wishful thinking might better describe this idea. Imagine most of the black refugees never returning to New Orleans. Imagine the slums never being rebuilt. Imagine a majority white New Orleans.

Reports from New Orleans indicate that the French Quarter and more historic section of the city seems to be more or less all right. At least it hasn’t been flooded, and the damage from black looters and rioters can be repaired. This is understandable, since the older part of the city was built under Napoleon, before the levees, and is therefore at least a little above sea level. The areas which have been hardest hit and washed away are the filthiest and most brutal negro slums, the long rows of “shotgun houses” and the hideous, dangerous, tumbledown housing projects which contained the hundreds of thousands of blacks that are now wandering the South like so many Third World refugees.

Already some people such as House Majority leader Dennis Hastert have publicly questioned whether we need to rebuild New Orleans at all. I say yes, we need to pump out the city and restore the historic French Quarter and the lovely old white mansions in Anne Rice’s neighborhood and so on, re-plant the live oaks with the Spanish moss, the Place d’Armes, etc. But when this rebuilding is complete–STOP. Why rebuild the ugly and poverty-stricken housing projects and re-install the whole black-run city government? Keep the nice part of New Orleans as a tourist attraction. Keep it ruled by some kind of special (i.e. white) historical authority. Maybe even go all the way to France and try to lure some French settlers to come there and work in the hospitality and service industries, to restore New Orleans’ Gallic character.

As to all those black refugees who want to come back, if they don’t actually own a standing house or lot (as most of them don’t), if they’re merely renters or denizens of housing projects -- don’t let them come back!

Granted, this government probably doesn’t have the guts to create a new white-run “enterprise zone” in New Orleans, but there are a dozen subtle ways the hundreds of thousands of blacks could be discouraged from returning, and one of America’s most beautiful and historic old cities could be restored to a white population level of, say, at least 75 percent.


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