A White Future is Coming: an interview with Bob Whitaker
Radio/Audio; Posted on: 2004-07-03 08:21:54

by Kevin Alfred Strom
American Dissident Voices broadcast of July 3, 2004
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Bob Whitaker (pictured, with his latest book) is a man who, despite working at a high level within the Washington establishment, has always remained faithful to his race and nation. He is also a man with a unique and hopeful vision of a White future. Join with Mr. Strom as he explores the ideas and insights of this fascinating writer, wit, and thinker. Mr. Whitaker's columns are a regular feature of National Vanguard print magazine.

Today we're proud to welcome to the American Dissident Voices microphones Mr. Bob Whitaker, a distinguished author, journalist, and wit, whose writings regularly appear in National Vanguard print magazine. His latest book is Why Johnny Can't Think, and it's available from Bob's own Web site, Whitakeronline.org. Recently, Mr. Whitaker shared the podium with me at David Duke's European American Conference in New Orleans. Welcome to the program, Bob.

Bob Whitaker: Thank you, sir.

KAS: When we introduced you for the first time to our readers in National Vanguard, we gave a capsule biography of you as follows:

"Mr. Whitaker was born and raised in South Carolina, and attended the University of South Carolina and the University of Virginia Graduate School. He has been a college professor, an international aviation negotiator, a Capitol Hill senior staffer, a Reagan Administration appointee, and a writer for the Voice of America."

So you're a Reagan administration appointee -- what's the story behind that?

BW: I was Special Assistant to the Director of the Office of Personnel Management, in charge of security clearances, staffing, and that sort of thing.

KAS: Why is someone with such excellent establishment credentials defending the White race, as you do in your work, without apology or regret? Isn't that something that simply "isn't done" these days by anyone who wants to retain his position in private or public life?

BW: Well, I did it. And they cleared me at the highest possible levels, so if you do it right, you can do it. And I'm good at it.

KAS: What is it in your background that has caused you to stick to that position, to remain true?

BW: Well, I'm a wildly overeducated redneck from Pontiac, South Carolina. I'm loyal to my own people. That's the way I was raised. And that's the way I am. And I've always said I'll always protect my race, and the South, and the things that I come from. That's sort of basic.

KAS: What do you say to someone who asks you 'Why should we protect our race?'

BW: The present policy is massive immigration of the Third World into White countries -- all White countries. And only White countries. That's called genocide.

KAS: I notice you were a college professor, Bob. May I ask what was your field of expertise; what were you teaching?

BW: Economics. Two of my professors in graduate school went on to win Nobel prizes.

KAS: Very good. Even as a former college professor, your most recent book, Why Johnny Can't Think, is very critical of the academic establishment. What made you decide to criticize your own former colleagues?

BW: Well, I did that from the word go. I was critical when I was there.

To start with, when I was sixteen I entered college, and by then I'd already read medical history. And I read about the great medical doctors who bled George Washington to death, based on a crazy theory. All social science is primitive, and all primitive fields do stupid things. Social scientists will admit their field is primitive. What they don't admit is that the recommendations of doctors of philosophy or doctors of medicine, at the early stages, are always absurd. So what we have is a set of disasters that social science professors have pushed -- like 'criminals are basically nice guys' -- and all of these liberal policies have been terrible failures and all of them came from social science departments.

Through the years professors have taught these people leftism, which boils down to the simple idea that professors should rule the world. This is rather simple, but if you will go over liberal ideas they boil down to all this criticism of businessmen and military men and all that, leaving the idea that the "intellectuals" (meaning people like the professors) should rule the world.

Academia is a totally inbred group of people. All a professor does for a living is sign a piece of paper that says you took a course. Everything else a professor does is pleasing other professors. A professor gets his PhD by pleasing professors. He gets his job by pleasing professors. He gets published by pleasing professors. And he gets tenure by a vote of the faculty. So essentially what you have here is a totally inbred group of people. And when you have that in any bureaucracy they just go nuts.

KAS: Is it from the 'professor class' that we get the ideas that the survival of the European race is somehow 'evil'; and that strangely illogical corollary that 'race does not exist'?

BW: Yes. I go into that in some detail in the book. If you talk about nurture and nature -- nurture is social science: sociology, psychology, education. All these things constitute nurture. And so the professors teach that there's no such thing as nature, as heredity. Now these days, since we've made so many advances in genetics, they can't actually say, as they did when I was young, that there's simply no such thing as heredity. But they now say, 'Well, there is heredity,' but you will never hear one single word about heredity in any social science classroom in this country. First they'll say there is heredity and environment, then they'll completely ignore heredity.

KAS: Our college students, then, are being miseducated. What would your advice be to parents of a young man or young woman who's about to go into college?

BW: Read the book. It was written over a period of two years specifically to prepare home schoolers, private schoolers, and anybody else -- and their parents -- to laugh at professors. The strategy is laughter. If you ever watch a liberal on TV, he might make a statement like 'criminals are basically nice people,' and the conservative sits there stone-faced and says something like 'You know, you're a wonderful person but I think you might be mistaken.' But what the liberal is saying is something ridiculous.

KAS: What does Bob Whitaker say?

BW: I laugh at them. I make fun of them. My book is short, and it is funny. It's my third book under my own name -- I've done a lot of ghosting. And the purpose of the book is precisely what you said: to prepare someone to lead the laughter in the dormitory about how stupid the professors are and how silly what they're saying is.

KAS: It sounds like it could be revolutionary if enough people read it.

BW: It would be if I could get it to private schoolers and home schoolers. And there's another huge constituency. I have them all around me; I talk to them all the time. There are tens of millions of young people who are trying to pay off their college debts. They know that they wasted four years jumping through a useless hoop called college education. They are now burdened with having to pay money -- not to build anything up, to buy a house, or to raise their family -- but to pay the professors that the government required them to spend time with. They are ticked off. And we could reach them.

KAS: Can listeners get a copy of the book, as I've suggested, from WhitakerOnline.org?

BW: It's coming out in mass production. If you want to get 100 copies, you can get them for $200 including shipping at first -- we're trying to get the thing out. My last book was for St. Martin's Press, which is the third biggest publisher in the world. It was used as a textbook in private schools. And this book, if it became a textbook in private schools, could destroy the liberal professorship. Now I am not calling for discussion -- I'm calling for revolution here. I think that these people should be fired.

What we have here in Political Correctness is a religion. When religious leaders sit down with the government and try to get money for private schools or religious schools, you start off with the idea that the present universities are not teaching a religion but the religious leaders are. But the fact is Political Correctness is a religion -- I don't say it's like a religion. What we have is a religion being taught in public universities at public expense, exactly as if the public schools were teaching Islamic religion.

KAS: So how can people take advantage of this bulk offer you mentioned?

BW: The Web site is ReadBob.com.

KAS: That's different from your main Web site, then.

BW: For orders, the best one is ReadBob.com. I have a great little team of volunteers, brilliant young people, who are handling it for me. I also have a brilliant young Webmaster, all of whom are doing the work free.

What happened originally was, since I had already published so many books, as I say two of them under my own name, a publisher accepted the book. A month later they contacted me and said that not only were they backing out of the contract, they were destroying all correspondence relating to it.

KAS: What do you think the reason was for that?

BW: Because it laughs at all the wrong people, including the people who control textbook buying. It attacks liberals, leftists, conservatives -- 'respectable' conservatives, neoconservatives... all the groups that buy books.

KAS: You're not a 'respectable' conservative, are you, Bob?

BW: Well, a 'respectable' conservative is the kind of nitwit that we have speaking on the media. In order to become a 'respectable' conservative, you have to get that word 'respectable' from the liberals.

KAS: They're the conferrers of 'respectability'?

BW: Yes. The minute someone steps out of line, he is denounced as a 'racist,' a 'nut,' or whatever. If he laughs at a liberal, he no longer is invited back. Joe Sobran did the foreword for Why Johnny Can't Think: America's Professor Priesthood. And Joe Sobran said that anyone who gives leftists the horselaugh they deserve does not get invited back. That's the way you become a 'respectable' conservative: You don't hit them where it hurts. Because they'll get you if you do.

KAS: Bob, both you and I are veterans of political debate wars on the Internet. One of the most memorable ideas I've ever come across online was your explanation of the multiracialist position on the "race problem." And that explanation of yours succeeded in silencing some of the nastiest critics and most malevolent adversaries I've ever seen in my life. Basically you said that the multiracialists call it the "race problem" -- bit what they really mean is something else. Can you expand on that for us?

BW: They use the words the race problem but this race problem only exists in White countries. The "race problem" does not exist in Asia. The "race problem" does not exist in Africa. The "race problem" is a code word for the White problem.

And when liberals and 'respectable' conservatives relax, they say that the solution to the "race problem" is miscegenation. They don't mean miscegenation in Japan. They don't mean miscegenation in Uganda. We all know they're talking about the solution to the "White problem."

KAS: And that's the genocide of White people.

BW: That's called genocide. And that's all that there is to it. It's straight genocide. And that is in the book too, in some detail.

KAS: Thank you for your courage. After telling me that that's in the book in some detail, I'm not surprised that it was rejected.

You recently wrote on the Internet that you attended a family reunion, and you noticed that some of the same things happening in the family and in the conservative Bible Belt South in general are also happening in conservative political groups. Specifically you said -- and it's something I've noticed, too -- that the anti-White left could not get too far in the Old South, but that anti-White, pro-racemixing preachers are everywhere in that part of the country. And they can make inroads there. They can use the cachet of the 'old time religion' to promote that genocide you were talking about.

BW: That's the same thing. They want to be pronounced 'respectable.' So, like Senator McCain, the way that they get that admiration -- or at least toleration -- from the liberals is by getting their brownie points by pushing Third World adoptions. The left, and the right (everybody has to agree on this), say the White race has to go. That's rule one. That's called 'anti-racism.'

I was up in Hendersonville, North Carolina. This is an area that's very hard for the multiracialists to penetrate. It's all White, and it more or less stays all White. So the "Christians" have set up a headquarters there in Hendersonville, and a lot of other places -- I've seen Pat Robertson pushing it on his program -- to get these Third World children into White families. And this is an area where the liberals can't penetrate.

KAS: But the multiracialist preachers certainly can.

BW: That gets them some brownie points with the liberals. That gets them 'respectability.'

KAS: And it's pretty obvious -- with who controls the media -- that preachers who preach against miscegenation are not going to get major prime time program slots on television...

BW: No way. And I'll tell you -- they're like sharks. The 'respectable' conservatives are very protective of their 'respectability.' And if the liberals point out somebody and say 'That guy is not respectable,' the people who will lead the lynch mob will be the 'respectable' conservatives.

KAS: In some of your columns, you've talked about the new private space exploration initiatives, and you said that only the government can now stop space exploration. What did you mean by that?

BW: If there's gold out there in space, a lot of people are going to start doing it. But the big companies would like to have it for themselves. And what they will do -- and this is why so many big companies are liberal -- is start screaming that 'this is dangerous for the astronaut,' we need to apply lots and lots of rules. Then they'll start talking about spacecraft coming back down and endangering people. And eventually, if you get enough rules, only a large corporation can handle it. Only a large corporation has the lawyers to handle it.

KAS: That's right. The big chemical companies love the EPA because it keeps the small guys out.

BW: Exactly. And they all love 'Affirmative Action' rules -- the more complicated, the better.

KAS: Indeed. If we do colonize other worlds, if this is unstoppable, are we going to be stupid enough to bring multiracialism and all the problems it entails with us to the stars? Personally, I think any society stupid enough to do such a thing isn't going to make it to the stars anyway.

BW: Carleton Coon, a leading anthropologist, testified when they were talking about colonizing space. He said "Don't send a Cyprus into space." On Cyprus, the Turks and the Greeks had been killing each other for a long time. And he said "Don't send a Cyprus into space." And that's more or less the same idea.

I have a view of the future where I think this would fit in. There are going to be a bunch of countries where the liberals and the conservatives are going to go the way of the Whig party -- because, in a country split into huge ethnic groups as we're going to become, there really is no room for non-racial politics. There'll be spokesmen for the Mexicans -- "Hispanics." There'll be spokesmen for the Orientals. There'll be spokesmen for Blacks. And there'll be spokesmen for Whites. Now that way, I think we'll stand a much better chance of surviving, oddly enough, because a self-conscious White minority, like any minority in the world, will have to start thinking in its own terms. We can talk about how we want our own space environments, too. In this way we can start negotiating. Non-racial politics is gone. It's just a matter of time.

KAS: The 'respectable' conservatives are denouncing racial politics as 'identity politics' all the time, though...

BW: Sure. The Whig party denounced politics on slavery. It had a president in the White House in 1853 and in 1856 it didn't exist. Things are changing. That's one reason why the conservatives and liberals are so terrified of what they have created here. Whites are going to have to think of themselves as Whites.

Right now the Hispanics and the Blacks are essentially Tontos to the liberal Lone Ranger -- faithful colored companions. They're getting a little restive about that. As their power grows, they're going to want their own spokesmen. And the liberals are simply not going to be there anymore. And if the liberals aren't there, their sort of shadow, the conservatives, won't be there either.

KAS: You've also written at length about those who are trying, through religion or so-called humanist ethics, to stop cloning and human genetic engineering. Can those technologies be stopped?

BW: They shouldn't be. I'm a Christian, and I believe in 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' If I were given a choice of being created in a lab and then destroyed without me ever knowing it, and it stood a millionth of chance of helping somebody in a wheelchair, I'd pay for the opportunity.

And secondly, we're going to have a modular man by the middle of this century. In other words, it will be a lot easier to replace any part of your body than it will be to repair it. Just like most machines. And if these bioethicists, as they call themselves at Harvard University, or if these sociologists, or if these shrieking preachers are talking about 'crossing the line' in remaking humans and so forth, the fact is that line is going to be walked all over within 30 years. All they can do is slow it down. When Jenner came up with vaccination in the late 1700s, every pulpit in Britain just rung with denunciations of it. They were talking about 'the body is the temple of the soul,' 'you can't put a bunch of cow disease into human beings, they're holy' and all that stuff. And of course thousands of people ended up crippled or disfigured for life because they listened to those preachers.

KAS: Do you think these technologies hold out any hope for eugenics, the scientific improvement of the race?

BW: I think children will be a matter of design. Take Indians, for example. They had an advertisement I heard about in an Indian paper, where this girl was Whitening herself so she could marry a Dutch guy. That was an advertisement, a commercial. The Indians descend from the Aryans, the Aryans themselves. And a lot of them will want children who are Aryans -- real ones. I can see advertisements: 'You can have an actual Aryan child.'

KAS: So you can see societies that are part-White now 'Whitening' themselves?

BW: Sure.

KAS: What about the European nations and White Americans? Do you see a future for racial improvement?

BW: Once we start thinking of ourselves as a threatened minority, all of the old preconceptions, all of this crap will be gone. Especially when we get rid of this social science priesthood. Universities are liberal seminaries. Once we get rid of those, and once we realize we are threatened and can see it up close, once we realize that we have to bargain for ourselves -- I think all of these attitudes are going to change like you wouldn't believe.

KAS: As America goes down the path of multiracialism and multiculturalism, then, even as more and more non-Whites are being imported into or being born into our living space, you still see hope for racially conscious Whites and for White survival.

BW: I think it's the kick in the butt we need. All these people seem to think that this wonderfully White America was pro-White. Now during my lifetime the worst enemies the White race had were in New England (a White enclave), Minnesota (another White enclave), Sweden, and Europe in general. Places which were White enclaves were anti-White. Those were where the anti-Whites were. Now there are no enclaves any more. And if there are, they'll be 'racist' enclaves.

KAS: Well, I can say you're certainly right as far as this goes: The Whites that survive what's coming are going to be the racially conscious Whites. They'll have to be.

Bob, I want to thank you for turning your considerable talents to the cause of securing a future for our people. And I want to thank you again for being a guest on American Dissident Voices.

BW: I thank you.

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