A V-Reader Gives Belgians a Message
Report; Posted on: 2006-10-05 10:44:47

A letter I sent to the Belgian Consulate

From a V-Reader

The ruling against Daniel Féret creeps me out. Seriously: is being pro-Belgian now a criminal offense in Belgium? As well as being pro-European or opposing non-European immigration? Are you awake to what's happening around you? Contrary to what the TV says, these are not good things.

This is the same kind of unthinking religiosity that was utilized during witch burnings. There is only one Belgium, please don't destroy it. I see no reason that the Belgian people, or any other Europeans, must be replaced by non-European people. It just doesn't make sense to me. And the fact that your government actively persecutes those who wish to maintain the native populace for future generations is very troublesome to me, not to mention undemocratic. In fact, I think that you'll find that the majority of your people do not actually wish to be replaced.

It seems totalitarian to me. It seems to be based in a very strange pseudo-religious belief system. A belief that European peoples are somehow expendable. Personally, I enjoy the cultural and racial diversity of the world, and see no reason any people should be forcibly subjugated to extinction, even if by non-violent means. I've been to many, many countries on every continent: they all add a unique beauty to the world, as did your own.

Remember: the decisions your generation makes are to be felt forever in the future. Once Belgians are gone, there is no return. Now you're still the majority in your own country, but that will not be the case for much longer if you continue in your deference to the powers that be.

The world is watching, and we're not fans of weakness, self-hate, or ignorance. Please get with it, Belguim - you're better than this.

Foreign consulates are very nervous about how their nations are perceived by host populations. Cancellations of holidays and promises to make their repression known to business and professional contacts gets a lot of attention.

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