A Once Great Britain
Report; Posted on: 2006-09-21 11:53:31

"This country is gone"

Norman Lowell

Just back from a fortnight trip to a once Great Britain.

Back to Yorkshire and Lancs. Countryside all round, with green pastures over the Pennines. Sheep grazing peacefully while cows languidly look in wonder at us humans, driving along the roads in the frantic race against time.

The awesome Yorkshire moors, desolate, covered in heather and elephant grass. It takes a brave hiker fifteen days to trek across – an unforgettable experience as one feasts the eyes on lakes, unspoilt skylines, grouse, hares and woods in the distance.

Manchester, an elegant city that once saw better days. Today, ghettoes for the various ethnicities have formed and solidified. Blacks in the Moss Side where murder and drug wars are now frequent and ferocious. Chinatown, where the authorities have lost control as to births and deaths. Council houses reserved exclusively for Pakistanis, who complain that toilets are facing Mecca and have them ripped out. A multiracial mess - initiated, organised and pushed by the Hidden Enemy. For it was Jews who were behind immigration in every country in Europe, including and most especially, Britain.

Image: Lowell and companion Arlette Baldacchino

Huddersfield even worse – Iraqis, Iranians, Somalis all drawing on the social handouts. Council estates in destitution as Blacks turn them into Bronx-like skeletons within eight years. New ones are hurriedly built for them of course, by the accommodating, acquiescing local councils.

Riots at the drop of a handkerchief, with “racism” as the convenient excuse. The newcomers get away with murder because of that one word: racism. That word instilled, inserted into our laws by the hidden enemy. The police are intimidated, cowed into non-action. They frequently look the other way when Whites report foreign yobs attacking their homes, their children on their way to school.

3rd Sept: the anniversary of the declaration of World War II. A day long orgy of Jewish lies on every TV station. The Holy Hoax shown as the central theme of that gigantic struggle, that fratricide amongst European cousins.

War documentaries showing the British, still sound as a Nation, queuing quietly for their daily ration. No jumping of queues, no riots - a quiet determination to get on with it notwithstanding the daily, heavy bombing. The admittance that rationing actually increased in 1946 and 47, revealing the absurdity of that war, the futility – and that Britain had actually lost.

Smithfield market, Manchester: a zoological experience! Blacks, at times holding hands with beautiful, long haired, slim blonds – a dysgenic disaster.

Chadors and burkhas by the dozen, with eyes covered by fine mesh. While Boobus Bush pompously proclaimed his intention of saving Afghanistan, of liberating Afghan women from the burkha, such women stroll around Manchester and London as if in Kabul. The treason of our leaders. The incredible takeover of a once noble people.

With the Brits at last! Just the native British at Highgate Greyhounds, Doncaster. The greyhounds, lean and mean, bred for speed, pounding past the goalpost - the power! All in silence, not a sound by the crowd watching - the race is over in seconds. Not a foreigner to be seen – just solid Anglo Saxons. Talking to them, the native people, and one gets the standard reply: “It’s gone - this country is gone and nothing can be done about it.” The resignation, the despondency, the defeatism.

And yet they all watch Geography TV, where programme after programme show the inexorable cruelty of Nature, the struggle for survival of the various species. I watched one of such series where, thankfully, the British otter is making a comeback, since hunting it has been prohibited for the last few years. Meanwhile however, the American mink, imported for its fur, has infested the river banks and is killing the local river-vole. This endemic, mole-like small creature is now facing imminent extinction. Luckily, the otter has come to the rescue! It is the only species capable of affronting and beating the merciless invader. Otters are killing minks wherever and whenever they encounter them.

Most Brits realize that war on Iran would be another folly, costlier, far more costly than either Afghanistan or Iraq. A major strategic blunder, again in the service of the hidden enemy.

Meanwhile, Blair and Brown bash and batter each other. The undignified struggle for power, sheer power and nothing else. Blair and Brown, two small men, minions, the product of modern democracy on TV every day, stabbing each other in the back. Brown has already given us his recipe: more troops in Iraq, more in Afghanistan, stronger measures “in the war against terror”, greater support for Israel etc. More of the same.

Leaving Manchester airport back to Malta. The security arrangements; boots off, no belts, no liquids, infra-screening, armed police everywhere. It must be costing Britain millions.

The airport crawling with non-Europeans. Muslim women refusing to take off their Burkhas to be identified. Whites in a minority. As I look back from the escalator at the departure terminal, more Islamabad than Manchester: I feel sorry for the British - a people betrayed by their leaders.

The unfolding tragedy of a once Great Britain.

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