A New Commission for a New Era
Report; Posted on: 2006-09-13 14:59:53

Flawed Marxist experiment now being replaced with another social experiment

News article filed by BNP news team

A newly established public commission is being set up to look at the future of British society now that multiculturalism is widely recognised to have been a triumphant failure of social engineering.

The flawed Marxist experiment, happily promoted by Labour and Tory governments alike, is now being replaced with another social experiment, integrationism, whereby disparate and in reality often rival and warring ethnic minorities exist side by side in community cohesion. If Kurds, Turks, Sunni Iraqis and Shi’ite Muslims cannot peaceably co-exist in their own countries of origin without resorting to suicide bombings, the sword and the RPG how on earth does the New Labour inspired commission expect cohesion and integration to work in Birmingham, Bradford or Brent?

In his usual honest and direct approach regular columnist Joe Priestley has a long and hard look at the new Commission for Integration and Cohesion and asks how it can possibly achieve its Alice in Wonderland goals when in reality it is looking for a miracle – a way to resolve society’s problems without actually addressing them.


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