A Mile Too Far
Radio/Audio; Posted on: 2004-03-27 08:24:31

by Kevin Alfred Strom (pictured)
American Dissident Voices broadcast of March 27, 2004
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'It's never enough' is more than a cliché; it is a psychological characteristic, and sometimes a fatal flaw, of the ethnic group behind multiracialism. Today Mr. Strom looks at an astonishing example of that flaw: the missing billion dollars in the great Jewish Swiss bank heist.

THOSE OF US WHO ARE AWARE of the danger facing America and the rest of the Western world from the multiracialist Jewish establishment sometimes give our enemies too much credit. They are far from superhuman. They've lost before. They definitely have their faults and weaknesses. And what they are trying to do -- create a prosperous, harmonious, multiracial slave state -- is patently impossible, and is literally blowing up in their faces everywhere from Malaysia to Madrid to Miami.

They have enraged the First World with their gross and obvious attempts at genocide and nation-wrecking against the peoples of the West; they have enraged the Third World with their hypocrisy and with their aggressive campaign of terror, murder, and genocide against the Palestinian and kindred Arab peoples; and even the befuddled Americans are beginning to realize that they have been snookered into a war against Israel's enemies, a war with no end in sight and no conceivable benefit to America. As the body bags continue to arrive on the tarmac, and the liberties our forefathers died for continue to evaporate at the stroke of Ashcroft's pen; and as Madrid and the Twin Towers are finally seen for what they are -- just tiny tremors preceding the real earthquake of rage from the victims of American- and Western-funded Jewish violence -- Americans may well rethink the wisdom of being the front men, bag men, and cannon fodder for the Jewish hate and murder machine.

One egregious flaw that the Jews have is the tendency to wildly overplay their hand, to go too far. They like to take, they like to rule -- and once they've taken, they like to take some more -- a lot more, until it becomes unbearable for the victims. And when they rule, albeit from behind the scenes, they like to lord it over the ruled, even to controlling their every thought and gesture, lest it be less than reverential to God's superior race -- and this, too, rankles proud men and women not willing to live their lives with heads bowed.

You can see how this tendency operates in what the Jews did to Mel Gibson after he made a film that cast them in a less than worshipful light. Instead of keeping their manipulations quiet and behind the scenes, they made a public brouhaha of their bullying -- and in the process they made the film they were attacking one of the most popular ever made, they made its creator some $400 million, and they doubly tarnished their reputation by being seen not only as the descendants of the murderers of God but as here-and-now Stalinist censors of the most unbearable kind -- hardly the 'victim' image they like to cultivate.

You can also see Jewish hyper-arrogance at work in what they recently did to the spiritual leader of many of the Palestinian people, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin: They out-and-out assassinated him, as they do to anyone there whom they adjudge in their secret Jews-only councils to be a serious danger. You can see Jewish hubris at work when they send their soldiers in broad daylight into Palestinian banks and openly heist the money of the depositors there. I could go on for hours.

But I think that this Jewish tendency to overplay their hand and blow all their advances through hubris and arrogance is nowhere more clearly illustrated than in what they have done to the small White country of Switzerland. American Dissident Voices has been covering this story for some time, and what the Jews have done to Switzerland is so unbelievable, so extreme, so unjust, so audacious that it can hardly be believed. It will take your breath away. I am indebted to our Swiss Correspondent -- a writer from that country who must remain anonymous in the work he does for National Vanguard -- for much of the information I'll be giving you today.

In his 1997 broadcast, 'The Giant Gold Robbery,' http://tinyurl.com/37ey5 Dr. William Pierce detailed the beginnings of the gigantic fraud by which the Jewish establishment managed to get their hands on more than a billion dollars of other people's money in the formerly sacrosanct vaults of the Swiss banks. They did it by making false claims about 'dormant accounts' and 'Nazi gold,' and then using their media and their compliant servants in the US government to put a hammerlock on the Swiss banks until they cried 'uncle' and gave up their depositors' cash -- just so they could stay in business.

Back on November 1st, I showed you how the Jews in Switzerland were claiming additional millions just for being Jews. http://tinyurl.com/3cmyo They had taken an original claim for 'Holocaust' compensation, for Jews who allegedly suffered persecution six decades ago, and (since the alleged victims will soon be dead and unable to collect any further funds) mutated it into a demand for millions of dollars from the Swiss taxpayers for continuing support of the very Jewish organizations making the extortion demands. Thus, wealthy and powerful Jews who weren't even alive when the supposed persecution took place would have a bountiful source of income from their Swiss slaves in perpetuity, without even making a claim that the Jews being paid had suffered in any way, or that the Swiss who were paying them had done anything 'wrong' (except by being born as non-Jews). http://tinyurl.com/3xbrl

Now, our Swiss Correspondent reports that the hour of truth has come for the Jews in the "dormant accounts" affair. From the $1.25 billion that they squeezed out of the Swiss banks in August 1998, as "Holocaust compensation," only $0.13 billion could be confirmed as having belonged to Jews -- even under the extremely generous criteria defined by the Jews themselves. Now, what are the Jews going to do with the remaining amount not belonging to them, some $1.12 billion?

If they were motivated by a sincere wish to be compensated for lost assets, as they pretend, they would now give back the excess $1.12 billion to Switzerland, with apologies -- or at least excuses. If, on the other hand, they were motivated by greed, if they were just robbing Gentiles as much as they could, then they would keep the excess billion for themselves, like thieves. Guess which one they're doing? Organized Jewish groups are, right now, exhibiting the second behavior and hoping that you won't get wind of it.

In October 1996, Gizella Weisshaus, a bitter Jewess born in 1929 in the Carpathian mountains, and living now in Brooklyn, NY, filed a class action suit against Swiss banks, claiming the fantastic sum of $20 billion on behalf of the "victims of Nazi persecution."

The attorney in charge of the lawsuit was Edward Fagan, a wealthy New York-based Jewish attorney, who had smelled blood and sworn that this was "my case." Other Jews, enticed or suborned by other ambitious attorneys, filed similar claims early in 1997. Fagan boasted that, after a few months, he had assembled around 16,000 Jews, literally filling his filing cabinets with claims. (Jewish and other attorneys are fond of class actions because they may subtract large sums as fees or "expenses," sums which often bear little relation to reality. That's one explanation for the often-inflated "compensation" requested.)

Led by the World Jewish Congress, Jewish organizations enthusiastically took up the pretense that the Swiss bankers were retaining and concealing large sums of money from their legitimate owners: Jews who died during WWII.

These powerful Jewish groups complained that the billions allegedly owed to the world's wealthiest ethnic group were in "dormant accounts" purposely held back by the greedy Swiss bankers. The Jewish groups stated that the money should be given to them regardless of how "dirty" the money was, and however their ancestors had earned it -- be it prostitution networks, usury practiced on needy Europeans, international weapons trafficking, the diamond trade monopoly, or whatever else. They said that the Swiss bankers' requests for death certificates and other documentation were "impossible to deliver in this case" and that the money should be delivered based, in some cases, on their say-so alone. (In truth, there were negotiations in many such cases, and some wealthy Jewish heirs were able to prove their relationship to old account holders, and so got their family's assets back). As Dr. Pierce pointed out in his broadcast, the Swiss banks had standard procedures for dealing with dormant accounts, and legitimate claimants were routinely able to get the funds they were due. The Swiss banks admitted that some of the tens of millions in dormant accounts they were holding had belonged to people with Jewish-sounding names. But the small number of legitimate, provable claims were nothing compared to the billions the Jews had set their sights on. A few million was pocket change for them. When the banks started buckling under Jewish pressure and offered an outrageously unjustified $600 million, even that wasn't enough.

Using their leverage on the U.S. media and politicians, North American Jews and their puppets started an all-out war against Switzerland. They launched a wave of anti-Swiss hatred in newspapers and political groups. The Jewish-controlled U.S. media vomited hateful invented stories against the small, defenseless, Alpine country. Jewish-financed U.S. politicians threatened to forbid Swiss banks to do business on American soil, which would have been a crippling blow. That was an especially ominous threat for the two largest Swiss banks -- UBS and CSG -- which had heavily invested in their American operations.

In August 1998, after two years of vicious attacks against Switzerland and in particular against the Swiss ambassador in Washington and UBS's CEO, the two largest Swiss banks were cornered. The reputation risk arising from media smears, and the threat of being cut off from the American market were overwhelming. They cried for mercy. In August 1998, they paid the Jews $1.25 billion just to be left in peace. http://tinyurl.com/ys4tx http://tinyurl.com/2whzp

An international "tender" was then opened for all Jews of the world: file claims, and get money! Because many accounts could no longer be verified sixty years later, every reasonably clever Jew in the world was basically free to invent a past fortune, as long as he had had a parent who visited Switzerland at the time. (Records of detailed cash movements are not kept for sixty years. Only names and account numbers are stored permanently).

A "Settlement Agreement" was signed in January 1999. A special director, Judah Gribetz, was appointed to design an allocation plan for the bounty. The operative administration of the fund was placed in the hands of the judge who had presided over the lawsuit, Edward Korman of the U.S. District Court in Brooklyn. In November 2000, Korman defined a precise distribution procedure. A deadline for all Jewish claims was set for the end of 2003. On July 26th, 2001, the distribution began.

In what many say is the greatest extortion scheme in history, Jewish groups recently forced Swiss banks to give them 1.25 billion dollars, ostensibly a "return" of funds held in dormant accounts belonging to 'Holocaust' victims. Despite worldwide publicity and very loose criteria for claimants, only a little over 10% of the money was ever claimed. Will the remaining $1.12 billion be returned to its rightful owners, or will the Jewish groups keep it? Studying the face of one of the organizers of the scheme, Jewish attorney Edward Fagan, should give you the answer.

Now, after two years of this windfall, the Jewish organizations are facing an annoying problem: even with the very elastic and philo-Semitic criteria that they have defined, most of the Swiss money could not be allocated or distributed. As of October 2003, only $132 million had been given out, to the putative Jewish heirs of 1,751 dormant accounts, the totals of which had probably been guessed with a certain degree of optimism.

Jewish claims on the Swiss banks have clearly been vastly overstated. So -- will the Jews give back the excess $1.12 billion they received? Will they give this billion, which does not belong to them, back to Switzerland, with apologies or excuses?

No, they won't.

For one thing, the billion is no longer there. Half of it was already distributed to various Jews on several pretexts. Shrewd as ever, they had known from the beginning that the dormant accounts could not possibly contain as much as they were claiming. So they set aside, at the very beginning in November 2000, $450 million for their brethren based on hastily-invented claimant categories to which neither the banks nor anyone else had ever agreed: They invented several new classes of beneficiaries, besides the original "dormant account" category -- officially called the "Deposited Asset Class." Korman and his team had the brilliant idea of inventing three other classes, the "Slave Labor," "Refugee," and "Looted Assets" classes; all of these being labeled as "Holocaust survivor" classes, making them very difficult to criticize publicly.

In a wonderful illustration of a double moral standard, the Jewish groups required that Swiss companies reimburse any Jews who allegedly worked during WWII under harsh conditions in any of their branches in Europe -- whereas numerous Jewish businesses thriving on slave or near-slave labor even up to the present day have never been held accountable: These include, to name just a few, the Jewish diamond traders and cutters from New York, Antwerp, Amsterdam, and Tel Aviv who are making fortunes at the expense of mine workers laboring in inhumane conditions all over Africa. Similarly, much of the kosher food imported to the US from China is produced by Gulag workers. The Jews, like their bought elite, actually enjoy slave labor very much, since it is so much cheaper than paying a living wage.

The new Jewish beneficiary classes defined by Korman and his team had the immense advantage of being freely extensible categories, since they were very vaguely defined and very difficult to verify. Any Jew might claim to have had a parent or relative who worked under inhumane conditions or who was turned away when seeking asylum in Switzerland during WWII. This clever trick essentially meant that many thousands of Jews could live on Swiss welfare. This tactic allowed Korman and his team to immediately pour out $450 million of Swiss money to their chosen recipients.

Nevertheless, near the end of 2003, $670 million was still unclaimed.

If the Jewish organizations were motivated by a thirst for justice, they would not have touched this $670 million and would have returned it to Switzerland.

But that's not what happened.

In October 2003, the special director began a "consultation period" among international Jewish groups to solicit suggestions as to how to spend the remaining amount, a period which ended on January 31st, 2004. No Jew suggested giving the money back to its rightful owners.

Korman himself decided, in November 2003, as the huge fund was accumulating embarrassingly large sums in interest alone, to give some $60 million of the banks' funds to "needy Jews" in Eastern Europe.

In response to the new international "tender" opened by the special director in October 2003, new kinds of Jews are joining all the time to get hold of "their" share of the pie. The last one to enter the fray was, believe it or not, the government of Israel -- which didn't even exist in 1945. Israeli Diaspora Minister Natan Sharansky has contacted Korman, strongly advising him to channel some of the funds to Israel. He argued that "about half" of all Jews claiming to be "Holocaust survivors" (1.1 million of them, he says) live in Israel, many on welfare.

Thus the $670 million still in the Swiss fund as of March 2004 has very little chance of being rescued from Jewish hands. The "Settlement Agreement" between the Jews and the Swiss banks looks more and more like pure extortion. Its inflated amount had no connection whatsoever to the "dormant accounts" grounds which were invoked. The Jews have stolen $1,120 million of hard-earned Swiss and other depositors' money. [ Yet another Jewish con game: http://tinyurl.com/2axnr ]

The behavior of the "Jewish community," as they like to call themselves, against defenseless White individuals, businesses, and nations reminds me very much of Mafia behavior. Like the Sicilian Mafia robbing Italian shops in exchange for leaving them in peace, the Jews squeeze huge sums of money from Gentile companies, just with the promise of leaving them alone -- for a while. "Holocaust" money? It's more like sinister protection money. http://tinyurl.com/3d437 http://www.claimscon.org http://www.swissbankclaims.com

When Dr. Pierce wrote his most recent piece on this Jewish racket in 1999, he said:

Their media control keeps the couch potatoes confused and unaware; the corrupt politicians who have come to characterize our democracy are always ready to front for them and betray the people whose interests they are supposed to be representing; and those among us who are perceptive enough and independent-minded enough to understand what is happening are nearly all too cowardly to speak out. So it is easy enough for me to predict that the Jews will keep coming back for more -- and more -- and more -- until they either have it all, as in Russia today, or what Charles Krauthammer is concerned about happens, and the Gentiles notice.

What's interesting in that extract from five years ago is what Dr. Pierce said about Russia. He described Russia as a place where the Jews had all the wealth and all the power. But something has changed since 1999. Jewish supremacism and Jewish organized crime and Jewish power have suffered some serious setbacks there. Several of the biggest Jewish oligarchs are in prison or in exile. Whether or not Vladimir Putin is all that we hope that he is, it is undoubtedly true that Jewish arrogance and hubris played a part in their fall from total dominance of that nation. And the fall of the oligarchs and the rise of nationalism there are both very popular among the Russian people. Something has started there that may well be unstoppable. By their over-the-top hatred and abuse of others, the Jewish establishment may have sealed its fate. When we finally see an end to Jewish power over the West, and an end to the shameful Jewish exploitation of White people in Europe and America, some of the credit will be due to the extreme nature of Jewish behavior itself. They haven't just stepped over the line in their treatment of others. They've gone a mile over the line, a mile too far, and the result will probably be the same as it has been for them throughout history.

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