A Man Named Arkan
Opinion; Posted on: 2004-01-15 09:54:04

by Dennis Kearney

They couldn't arrest him, so they murdered him in cold blood.

On January 15, 2000, Serbian freedom fighter Zeljko Raznatovic (pictured), known to the world as Arkan, was murdered in Belgrade's Intercontinental Hotel.

Jewess Madeleine Albright and the New World Order had issued an international arrest warrant for Arkan, to try him for "war crimes" in The Hague. Knowing his arrest was impossible in Serbia the System paid a traitor to do the deed a whole nation would not--and a Zionist Empire could not--do.

As Arkan entered the hotel, a masked gunman opened fire, hitting Arkan in the left eye. Arkan managed to get off one round, killing his assassin, as Momcilo Mandic, Arkan's bodyguard, fell dead in the hail of lead.

The next day Albright issued a statement which began with a bracketed cue to tell the Zionist press how to spin the news: "(U.S. would have wanted him to stand trial in The Hague)".

Arkan was hated on many levels. As a young man and anti-communist he escaped his native Yugoslavia to become one of the top bank robbers in Europe, with multiple escapes and numerous outstanding warrants on his record. He also became fluent in all of Europe's major languages--and could pull women in some of the minor ones also. Just this kind of man appeals to the Serbian national mind, in line with a long tradition of Serbian brigands and folk-heroes who taxed the non-White Turks who occupied their lands for generations. Arkan took the archetype to the decadent West.

With the oncoming NATO-inspired collapse of Yugoslavia, Arkan grew up. Returning to Belgrade he transformed the doper/hippy soccer fans around the Red Star club, renaming them "Knights" and going on to use some of the toughest of them as the core of his new militia, the White Tigers.

The White Tigers were responsible for cleansing the Serbian Army of Marxist dross and recognizing the vitality of Blood and Soil. Zionist- and NATO-sponsored seditionists in Bosnia-Herzegovina, under Islamic fundamentalist leadership of Alija Izetbegovic, were putting White women in the veil, enforcing Semitic Islamic law, and murdering Serbs. Until Arkan appeared, the socialist Yugoslav Army was losing.

The Muslims were reinforced with CIA-sponsored non-White Mujahideen—“Holy Warriors”—many of whom had experience in the Muslim/US war against the Soviets in Afghanistan. These killers had learned their trade well: in Afghanistan they had flayed women teachers alive for having taught little girls how to read as part of the Soviets’ ham-handed attempt to bring an iota of progress to their colony. Soviet soldiers knew to keep an extra round handy to avoid falling into the hands of these savages.

The same tactics were used in Bosnia: Mujahideen armed with German- and US-supplied weapons gang-raped White Serbian women and young boys as a routine piece of military strategy. At one point the Muslims even shelled a Muslim Sarajevo market to wrest sympathy out of the West, whose Zionist press blamed it on the Serbs. Serb POWs were tortured to death. So horrific were the foreign mercenaries that many White Bosnian Muslims fought alongside their Serbian neighbors.

Nonetheless, the terror-war was having a tragic impact on the survival of Serbian resistance. As had happened under non-White Turkish occupation, the Muslims waged total war and the socialist Yugoslav Army was helpless.

Arkan in uniformIn 1991, in eastern Slovonia, into the fray stepped the former outlaw, who understood history. He had nothing to do with the Yugoslav Army, financing his unit with the proceeds of his earlier bank withdrawals. Arkan put it in perspective: "The lessons of Christian Europe teach us one thing: the only thing Muslims understand today is .50 caliber machine guns." Suddenly in the rural areas of Bosnia and the Kraina the Muslims were losing, and losing big. Suddenly the war was not a walk in the park. And Arkan’s methods were as ruthless as the times demanded. He asked for and gave no quarter. An engagement with the White Tigers meant only one thing if you were a Muslim fighter: you were going to die. The White Tigers booby-trapped roads and incinerated whole columns of enemy soldiers in one blast; they mined the corpses of Mujahideen; they launched targeted night strikes against Muslim forward positions armed with knives and cutting throats. Muslim bodies were often left with a slice of pork on top, a psychological tactic denying heaven to the dead. If you were a NATO “adviser” you were as dead as your “students”—Arkan showed as much respect for such race traitors as they deserved.

Without doubt, Arkan’s work saved the Serbian enclaves in Bosnia, and allowed for a federated settlement preventing a total Muslim takeover of the area. Nonetheless, with the UN-brokered “peace accords” of the 1990s Arkan’s work was done. He went home to Serbia to find he was a national hero, and soon was touted as a serious rival of the grey post-communists in Belgrade. He set up his Serbian Unity Party and married the gorgeous pop-icon Ceca.

Muslim uniform patchZionist forces were not finished with Serbia. The traditional Serb heartland of Kosovo was a tinderbox. The so-called ethnic-Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army, a drug- and prostitution-ring on the US State Department’s list of terrorist organizations, was hard at work ethnically cleansing the Serbian population. White Albanians are largely Muslim and had traditional close ties to the Ottoman Empire. Now they had new patrons as ZOG allied with them in their final attempt to isolate Serbia. Finally, in the summer of 1999, after years of sanctions, Clinton and NATO led an aerial terror-war (lacking the guts to tangle with the Serbs man-to-man). In the West the leftist “anti-war” coalitions were still-born: after all, Serbs are White people, fighting a religion that is widespread in non-White areas. Arkan and his Tigers were in harness again, yet the best they could do was shield fleeing Serbs as KLA forces rolled in under NATO air cover.

With the collapse of Kosovo the end was coming fast for Arkan. With international warrants out on him he concentrated on his family and businesses until he finally was assassinated. President Milosevic was the next to go, overthrown in a Zionist-sponsored coup and sent to The Hague. Yet justice still played out. One of the coup plotters, Zoran Djindjic, who many felt had set up the Arkan hit, was on the street when a .50 caliber sniper bullet shredded his head. Many said Arkan had aimed well.

National Vanguard publishes this piece in the interest of increasing knowledge, as we pursue freedom and self-determination for all people of European descent. The Jewish power structure takes away the freedom of White Americans, White Irishmen, White Britons, White Croats, and White Serbs -- and all the rest -- alike. We are engaged in a global struggle for our race's self-determination and freedom. It is our earnest hope that the narrow nationalists -- of all European nationalities -- will come to realize their racial kinship and concentrate their fire upon our common adversary instead of each other. -- Ed.

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