A Group of Friends: Magnet For A Lonely America
Opinion; Posted on: 2006-09-30 12:06:17

People respond more to what you are than what you say

by Kyle Stark

This is an insight I had at a recent ethnic festival I attended with about 4 other members of National Vanguard Boston. The organizer knew who we were, and simply asked that we not hand out materials unsolicited, or aggressively start controversies, to which we agreed.

Actually, we were just glad to have a place to meet up and hang out. It is all too rare to have a group of friends who actually get along well. I used to have the NV Boston folks over to my house, where we would do some farm work and then grill a rabbit. I made a game out of it, saying, "Imagine civilization has collapsed and we are a guerilla unit fighting ZOG, we haven't eaten in days and all we have to eat is a rabbit we caught, the fire we built, and a knife -- no utensils and no seasonings allowed.

We developed a small but cohesive group during these visits to my farm, analogous to a college fraternity or perhaps a "lodge" like the Lions Club. I realized that this is what is really missing from the lives of modern White Americans. Most Whites today are very lonely and atomized.

At the ethnic festival we did the usual -- sampled the food, checked out the booths, listened to the bands. But most of the day we talked with one another. Other people noticed that we made up a cohesive group. There was one White man with his family whom we'd seen at another event. One of our group had attempted to get this gentleman to join National Vanguard, but he is part of some "kosher conservative" groups and he said he doesn't want to be labeled an "extremist."

The first time we met this gentleman, I could see on his face that he regarded us as "fringe" activists who would never make any headway. But at the more recent event, something very interesting happened. He got a little bored walking around. No one particularly welcomed him (or anyone else) to be a part of them, and frankly, there was no "them." Everyone was just selling their wares, or performing their music, or otherwise living in their me-me-me-world. Do you recognize your own life in what I am describing?

So this gentleman and his wife and young son came over to where we were hanging out, by my truck. We had not
gotten bored. Our conversation was animated; we laughed often; we never ran out of things to talk about. And I
saw a newfound respect in his eyes for what we were. He told us more about himself, and one of our guys had a
friendly argument with him about the whole "extremist" label, and why he shouldn't worry about it.

As an aside, I think that if people are inclined to be part of the "kosher conservative" and "patriot" movement like the
Minutemen while maintaining a secretive connection to National Vanguard members, this is ideal. The best way to
build a serious, no-nonsense cadre of activists is to participate in more broad-based organizations, seek out those who are worthy, and "tap" them to be members of National Vanguard if you have decided that such a person is worthy and reliable. An analogy would be that Yale University is a big pool of potential recruits for Skull and Bones; and so groups like the Minutemen are a big pool from which to tap a few worthwhile National Vanguard activists.

Some other people at this ethnic festival debated us at various times; for example regarding George Bush and 911.
These naive Bush supporters acknowledged that the current President has not controlled the borders, but, they say
"the Democrats would be worse." And, they said, claiming that "our president did 911 is despicable."

We argued with such people, but not for too long. Later on I would observe them, walking around alone, bored
expressions on their faces, perhaps making a sidelong glance our way.

We were a group, and that made us powerful. Our message was more or less along the lines of where these people
are headed anyway, except as some said, "we go too far." Too far indeed!

For years, White activists have pondered, "Why am I not able to convince people with my flawless logic?" It's true that
there is no intelligent opposition to White nationalism. But I think I can answer this age-old question. It's because you and your flawless logic were just a single person, just another American loner in a nation of loners.

People react more to what you are, than what you say. If a cohesive group of easy-going, happy White people wield this
flawless logic, then it will be infinitely more effective. It's that simple. White Americans in 2006 are horribly, wretchedly lonely. I think it's been ingrained into us. "Independent loners are strong, ideal Americans, but lonely, needy people are weak losers." And so we have all these people going around, forced to live up to America's individualistic ideal, bored and lonely. If you want to convince them, first you have to outnumber them. That's not too difficult, considering people go around as an Army of One most of the time. I found that a group of five is very workable.

People are actually pretty simple. When five of you present a certain world-view to a single person, that single person is thinking, "Wow, there's five people who think this idea that I don't permit myself to think, maybe it's safe to become a White nationalist after all!"

Give it a try. It works.

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