A Great Day in L.A.
News/Comment; Posted on: 2006-05-02 21:05:29

No illegals -- clear freeways.

by James Buchanan

THE LATINOS thought they would stun America with their one-day boycott. They would bring the Anglos to their knees by denying them maid service, gardening, and fast food for a whole day. Instead, something wonderful happened. The freeways were clear. It was like a miracle. Even in the middle of the rush hour, traffic was moving smoothly.

One Web site notes “The above image is a screenshot of SIGALERT.com’s traffic website taken at 6PM today. Note that each colored dot represents a traffic sensor that is reporting the average speed of traffic passing over that part of the freeway. As you can see, nearly everything is green, which means traffic was traveling over 55 miles per hour. Usually at this same time on a normal weekday, this traffic map shows lots of yellow and red dots, meaning traffic is crawling along at stop and go speeds.

"My commute to and from work today were both amazingly stress-free and fast. Most traffic was doing well above the speed limit, and I didn’t notice the typical stalled cars in the middle of the road, broken-down junkers on the shoulder, nor any dilapidated vehicles spewing clouds of oily smoke. Radio traffic reporters and radio talk show callers all reported terrific traffic conditions. My coworkers, friends and relatives reported the same thing. In short, a day on the road without illegal aliens was fantastic.”

It seems as though there is always a “water shortage” in California. People are encouraged to let their lawns die. Anyone who uses “too much” water is charged a much higher rate. It’s not uncommon for a bi-monthly water-sewer-garbage bill to exceed two hundred dollars. In recent years, rolling blackouts or brownouts took place -- shutting down power for millions of people because there wasn’t enough electricity for everyone. All these problems can be traced to millions of illegal aliens who place a crushing burden on our infrastructure.

The public schools used to be more than adequate for the population of Los Angeles. Today the average public school is inundated with Latinos. No White parent in their right mind would send their kids to these gang-infested hell holes. Americans are forced to home school their kids or send them to outrageously expensive private schools.

The easy traffic in L.A. on May 1st was a glimpse of just one benefit that would result if our politicians were pressured into deporting all 20 million illegal aliens in the U.S. today. The 'mainstream' media are refusing to report on the good traffic. Instead they are conjuring up alarming stories -- while the average Californian experienced no inconvenience whatsoever. The average Yuppie parents should be raising their own children, not leaving them to a Mexican. The average White male should be mowing his own lawn -- just for the exercise. The Latinos are an excuse for Americans to be lazy and employers to be cheap. The continuing flood of illegals can and will turn America into a Third World country if we don’t start doing something about it today.

Another benefit of 'El Gran Floppo Boicot' was that White Americans needed only to note which businesses closed down in "solidarity" Monday -- and never patronize them again. - Ed.

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