'The Jews are being pulled from their palaces, decapitated, and fed to the dogs'
Opinion; Posted on: 2004-09-24 21:56:21

The Confrontation of Two Dangerous Ideologies

by Stojgniev O’Donnell

From the perspective of political and cultural conflict, scholars in the future will note that the downfall of America began with the Iranian hostage crisis during the presidency of Jimmy Carter. That was America’s first confrontation with radical Islam, a defeat from which America never recovered. Jimmy Carter was a man for his times, a Georgia cracker with all the cultural limitations that implies, a peanut farmer whose biological and spiritual ancestors had rejected all of history and previous human civilization in order to create what they thought was a paradise, though by Carter’s day, America had become a Babylon. The weakening of America that took place during the 1960s and 1970s, when Americans came to believe in a fairy tale world of political correctness, special interest group grievances and historical revisionism, was revealed in the pathetic helplessness of Carter and the whole American nation.

Americanism and its opponent, radical Islam, have some things in common. Both are fringe movements of human history, philosophies that reject most of what humanity has learned during its long history. While America has rotted from its greed and self-indulgence, radical Islam is to be criticized for its totalitarian rejection of moderation and common sense in matters spiritual. As we await a showdown of these two mad forces, we note that America’s secret weapon is its technology and wealth, while radical Islam’s is its fierce determination and its willingness to embrace death to achieve earthly (not spiritual) goals.

There is a crucial third factor that will not influence, but rather will determine, the outcome of this battle. That factor is the Jews. America today is saturated with Jews. Not all types of Jews, but rather wealthy and influential Jews. Even more so than in interwar Germany, in America today the legal and medical professions, the banks, the media, and the universities are Jewish, to say nothing of the state and national governments. While one of the causes of the upcoming conflict is the world’s rejection of the sickness of Americanism, about which Islamic critics often have been accurate and very vocal, there is another cause: Jewish manipulation of American foreign policy and the resulting American hostility towards anyone who refuses to support Israel’s official racialism and ethnocentrism. The Jews who control American foreign policy have drawn a line in the sand with their swords, challenging anyone who stands up to the Israeli-American alliance. Those Jews have so clouded the issues that the poor American, traditionally ignorant of history and geography, will be persuaded to fight for Israel, though his heart will not be in the battle. Such heartless soldiers rarely win a victory. As the Americans are slaughtered, the Jews on the terraces of their palaces will continue unabated in their ethnocentric self-indulgence.

Anyone who has studied history knows that, for all his genuine talents, the Jew displays one disastrous weakness. He can never say “Enough!” to his appetites. He never realizes that he demands too much from his host society, that too much he injures the other ethnic elements of that society. In his love of the practice of craftiness, the Jew becomes so engrossed in trying to conceal his deceits that he deludes himself into thinking he is invisible to the rest of the world. He scarcely pays a glance at the mob that gathers before the Jewish palaces, full of rage, waiting to cut him to pieces.

In the approaching battle, it will be proven that the Jews are not an asset, but a liability for America. Once the American defeat is in sight, Americans finally will turn on their Jews: senators, bankers, educators, purveyors of high- and middle-brow “culture,” writers of newspaper editorials and advice columns. Just as Jews had seemed amazed to learn that Germany no longer wanted them for its professionals and cultural elite, American Jews will show genuine dismay at the turn of events, the fulfillment of history on American soil. The Jews will beg the mobs for “morality,” “decency,” “humanity,” oblivious to the fact that their inevitable destruction is not human in design. The details may differ from similar scenes from the historical past, but the essentials will be the same, according to the same providential fate that remains beyond the understanding of Jew and non-Jew alike.

One can imagine the scenes of horror and suffering. In the major cities the Jews will be hurled out of the windows of the tallest buildings, creating an impassable waste in the streets below. Throughout the country, bank vaults will be emptied, and the Jews symbolically will be herded and locked inside, to stand like matchsticks as other Jews on the journey to the Nazi camps stood in the cattle cars, to die finally of mass suffocation. In the southern United States, the realm of the tribes of Jimmy Carter, Jews will be transported to the parks of trailer homes, the palaces of peckerwoods, where they will be driven inside manufactured housing and immolated. Jewish shouts of innocence and amazement, accompanied not by the ancient ancestral prayers but by the gnashing of teeth, will be ignored by stunned Americans, who sullenly stoke the fires and consider the defeat of a nation that not many years before had been thought invincible.


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