'Mud Duck': Vang Trial Hits Emotional Peak
Report; Posted on: 2005-09-13 21:53:09

Supposed 'racial slur' justifies murder?

Larry Oakes, Star Tribune

In a strong voice that sometimes shook with grief, deer hunter Lauren Hesebeck described today the harrowing moments last November when Chai Soua Vang shot him from almost point-blank range, and how he watched friends die on the forest floor in northern Wisconsin.

Hesebeck was called to the stand this morning in the third day of the trial of Vang, 36, of St. Paul, in connection with the deaths of six fellow deer hunters. Vang watched impassively as Hesebeck described the shootings, which happened after Hesebeck's group promised to report Vang for trespassing.

Hesebeck said he was at the hunting cabin with others when he heard Terry Willers, who co-owned the land with Robert Crotteau, come on a 2-way radio and say that he had asked a trespasser to leave one of their tree stands.

Though Vang was leaving the property at that point, Crotteau, hearing this radio exchange, announced that he wanted to confront the trespasser, Hesebeck testified.

Several hunters, including Hesebeck, piled onto two ATVs, accompanying Crotteau and intercepting Vang on a trail on the property.

Hesebeck acknowledged that Crotteau was angry, but he said Crotteau never touched Vang, except to flip down his hunting license "back tag" so they could read the number.

"Did he say you [expletives] are always on my property?" asked Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager.

"Yes he did," Hesebeck answered. "(Crotteau) said 'What were you doing in my son's tree stand? Do you think the (stand) grew out of the tree by itself?' He said 'Get the hell out of here. If you come back, I'm going to kick your ass. Better yet, I'll report you to the DNR.' "

Under cross-examinating by defense attorney Steven Kohn, Hesebeck said Crotteau used the "f-word" many times and spoke to Vang in a raised voice. He agreed that Crotteau might have earlier said Vang was "probably one of those mud ducks," but he denied that it was a reference to Vang's race - Hmong. He said a "mud duck" is their term for someone from Minnesota.

[Ed: Even if 'mud duck' was a reference to Hmong, how would that justify the alleged murder of half-a-dozen people? Had Vang called a White huntsman a 'round-eye' or 'long-nosed devil' could anyone imagine that being a defense for the hunter slaughtering six Asians?]

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