A Guide to Administration on VMan Systems


By Sire and Psyclone 


SDX? MessageBase? No, the term you're all looking for is: 
Voice Manager System 

Most people in the uk scene have been talking about PBX`s for a long time 
now. Perhaps the most talked about is the SDX or the Messagebase (same 
thing). Until now, some sceners have used them, some lamers have abused 
them but no one (in my knowledge) has actually mastered the administration 
of the system. BUT, that all changed in the last two hours or so. 
After installing a phone from the nextdoor neighbours line, and after many 
frustrating times with an accoustic coupler and a 1-2-1, i decided to start 
randomly scanning 0800`s for pbx`s. After 3 tries, i stumbled on a nice 
little system begging to be hacked. While scanning for the 3 digit box 
numbers and passwords for about a half hour, i got into a mailbox. The box 
seemed normal at first with all the primary functions you would find in any 
other system of the same kind. This all changed when i started using the 
automatic call handling function. Instead of getting the droning female 
voice, i was prompted to enter my password. I did so and was then 
confronted with list of functions. i dictated all the options to psyclone 
and we then tried them all one by one. In short, we had hacked an admin 

The commands are as follows: 

1-=-Entry Greeting Options 


2-=-Answerphone Greeting Message 

1-=-Listen to recording 
2-=-change the recording 
3-=-delete the recording 

3-=-Voice Noticeboard Recording 

1-=-DTMF voice noticeboard options 
2-=-Speech noticeboard options 

4-=-Fax noticeboard options 

1-=-Listen to recording 
2-=-change the recording 
3-=-delete the recording 

5-=-Service Branding or queueing message 

-=-Please key in the mailbox number whose greeting or branding message 
you wish to edit... 

6-=-Amount of free space left 

-=-The voice message has XXX minutes of recording time left... 

7-=-Member Configurations 

-=-Please key in the member mailbox number... (Transfers you to box of 
your choice!) 

8-=-Distribution groups 

-=-Please key in the group number you wish to edit... 
(type group number) 

1-=-Listen to how many members are in the group 
2-=-Add member to group 
3-=-Delete member from group 
4-=-Listen to members names 
5-=-Delete the entire group 

9-=-Department Menu options 

-=-Please key in the department number you would like to record... 

0-=-Caller Department - List introduction message 
#-=-DTMF Department list 

There isn`t any time to explain more fully because our local exchange is 
beconing us to its garbage bins and vans. hehehe! 
If you do want more info, contact me on 109157 (409) and on some bbs`s 

Time - 3:02am, sunday 18 june 1995 


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