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Subject: SV: [i-taxonomy] FYI: [Fwd: Draft NIST documents]
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Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 11:17:52 CET



Yes, they are using the term attack as they have already decided (and
configured their IDS to react) what kind of security incidents that are
considered to be (classified as) an attack against their
networks/systems. All this according to their policies and
experiences.This differ between organisations as they may have a
different view on security incidents and what might be considered as an
This reasoning is strongly connected with the organisations security
policy and tolerance level (do we see a probe as an abuse or is it a
security incident that is the first step to an attack) and the severity
grade of the security incident.

The term (IT)attack is a narrower than the term (IT)security incident
as it is (according to me) considered to be a (IT)security incident
with a high/severity grade that has to be handled very prompt as it
otherwise may cause the organisation great loss, both in availability
and economically (compare with a skirmish at the Swedish/Danish border
where some Danish soldiers kills some Swedish soldiers. This is
considered to be a security incident with very high severity, but it is
not considered as an attack (which can lead to war). This security
incident would certainly lead to some juridical issues. If this happens
between South and North Corea it may be considered to be a security
incident with the highest severity and also considered as an attack.
The outcome could be completely different). One can say that an attack
is a qualification of security incident.

Opinions are welcome!


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Ämne: [i-taxonomy] FYI: [Fwd: Draft NIST documents]

This is forwarded message from IDWG mailing list.

Recent NIST drafts may be interesting both for TF-CSIRT and ITDWG

The draft guidance document on Intrusion Detection systems
is more related to our IODEF work.

I could agree with author of the original message that we should
recommend them to include reference to on-going work on IDEF and IODEF

However, I would like to ask Jimmy and others to look at the terminology
used, particularly, in section 7.2.6. IDSs and Excessive Attack

They don't use "Incident" as reporting issue, but talk only about Attack
reporting, naming, etc.

Unfortunately, time for comments is very short - March 14, 2001.
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