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Netaccess Series NS700 SS7 API

Netaccess Series NS700 Product Overview


PRI-PCI T1/E1/ISDN WAN Access Card

PRI-ISA T1/E1/ISDN WAN Access Card

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Product Information


SS7 Development API

When it comes to rapid development of advanced SS7 signaling and media applications, Brooktrout Technology's TDAPI® API is the best tool for the job. TDAPI is a powerful C language API with an extensive range of protocol modules or "building blocks". Developers benefit from the TDAPI API, which provides low level access to the hardware configuration, switching and all control services offered by Brooktrout's NS700™ SS7 PCI and cPCI network interface boards. TDAPI also offers access to application-level SS7 protocol layers such as GSM MAP, INAP, and TCAP, making it a key enabler for Intelligent Networking (IN) and Advanced IN (AIN) services. Using the TDAPI API, developers can create dual plane configurations for single point code redundancy in carrier grade installations. This enables a range of flexible, secure architectures, promoting system reliability and high availability.

In many SS7 development projects, developers spend an inordinate amount of time working out interoperability issues and addressing local protocol variations. The TDAPI environment saves developers time by providing multiple variants of common protocol layers. TDAPI has an extensive range of protocol modules and country specific variants that eliminate many interoperability problems. The benefit of these modules is they allow developers to be more productive and focus on the core functionality and revenue generation aspects of their application. By providing access to all supported SS7 parameters, TDAPI offers developers a comprehensive programming interface for signaling interconnection with carriers and PSTNs worldwide. Users gain close control over SS7 signaling and are provided with the flexibility to port their application to different countries.

TDAPI supports a range of SS7 layers including MTP and Call Control as well as application layers. These include a powerful TCAP implementation for flexible, low level application access, or alternatively, our MAP and INAP signaling stacks, which reduce development cycles by leveraging proven higher layer protocols. Brooktrout's MAP protocol module allows the development of Short Message and Enhanced Mobile Service Centers, Location Servers, Welcome Roamer systems, and other revenue generating mobile services applications.

Another important feature of TDAPI's programming model is that it is asynchronous. Developers can create applications that make non-blocking calls to the TDAPI library and are notified asynchronously of the result via callbacks.

TDAPI is available with enhanced SS7 security features that allow deployment in dualplane configurations, in which multiple chassis units share the same point code or linkset. This architecture provides dedicated functions to support the termination of related links from the same linkset, across two chassis units. If one chassis fails, only the signaling links on that chassis are lost. The signaling links that remain on the other chassis are able to stay in service and the system can continue operation with minimal loss of service. The benefit of this approach is that developers can eliminate single points of failure from their system design. Since both planes share the same point code, the enhanced security is transparent to the SS7 elements to which the platform is connected.

Brooktrout's SS7 portfolio gives developers the ability to develop fully integrated SS7 solutions cost effectively and quickly, resulting in faster time-to-market. The high density NS700 PCI and cPCI hardware platforms which each support up to 32 signaling links, can be used with TDAPI allowing flexible, scalable solutions to be developed rapidly and effectively.


Target Applications

Short Message Service Centers
SS7 Gateways
SS7 Integration
Enhanced Service Nodes
PSTN / IP Gateways
Signaling Engines
Voice Messaging Systems
Call Center Applications
Automatic Call Distribution Systems
Personal Numbering
Fax Servers
Telephony Switching
Least Cost Routers
Interactive Voice Response Systems
Calling Card Platform
Intelligent Network Applications
Welcome Roamer
Passive Monitoring



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