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TRL Technology's DDM-2560 Flexible Satellite Demodulator offers a bank of versatile demodulators in a 6U high 19" rack-mounting shelf. The demodulators allow an exceptional degree of control over parameters that are normally fixed by other demodulator manufacturers. The user may adjust the type of matched filter, the acquisition range and the bandwidth of the symbol-timing recovery and carrier tracking algorithms.

Symbol rate is adjustable to a resolution of 1 symbol per second, whilst the carrier centre frequency is adjustable in 1Hz steps. The matched data filters, carrier tuning and demodulation functions are all performed digitally, resulting in performance near the theoretical maximum that is stable over temperature and time.

Both burst and continuous modes are supported for BPSK and QPSK modulated signals at symbol rates of 600sps to 256ksps. The demodulator architecture has been designed to be general purpose and programmable; this allows additional demodulation formats to be supported via software upgrades.

Key Features

12 Independent Demodulator Channels
6U High Rack-Mount Shelf
600sps to 256ksps Symbol Rates (1sps steps)
50MHz to 90MHz Input Frequency Range (1Hz steps)
Burst & Continuous Modes
Adjustable Matched Filters & Tracking Loops
BPSK & QPSK Demodulation
BER Performance within 0.5dB of Theoretical
10/100BaseT Ethernet Control & Data Interface
Integral Distribution of IF Input Signals
Demodulated Signal Parameter Reporting
Control & Data Storage via a PC Graphical User Interface

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