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The TARAX® Lightweight EW System
TRL Technology's extensive communications technology expertise has produced an important advance in jamming systems, with the TARAX lightweight EW system. Capable of standalone, or integrated "smart" operation, the TARAX is designed for a wide range of spectral control applications, offering sophisticated functionality within a robust package.

The TARAX EW system combines state-of-the-art high-speed DSP (digital signal processing), DDS (direct digital synthesis), and RF (radio frequency) technology in a single, portable, integrated package that provides great flexibility and performance - not only for jamming, but also for a broad range of wideband and narrowband applications in the operating band.

Operating modes include software-controlled Jamming, Receiving and Deception. All control is via a standard PC, using either a direct serial cable link or remote VHF radio link, with the jammer itself only incorporating a master On/Off switch. Access to the TARAX system's extensive capabilities is via Windows-based GUI software, providing intuitive operation and easy configuration.

Deployment of the portable TARAX EW system is either as a single unit or in groups, placed strategically where opposing forces may encounter them or within range of opposing VHF communications. The system may be configured to fulfil any of the following roles:

• Training applications, including radio operators in a jammed environment, operators in EW systems, and for integration into training facilities
• International missions
• Hand-emplaced applications, involving expendable units
• Evaluation of radio systems and EW equipment
• Wide-ranging installation potential, including UAVs

TARAX is a registered trademark of Försvarets Materielverk (FMV, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration)

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