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CRX3000 Surveillance Receiver
TRL Technology's CRX3000 Surveillance Receiver range is a state-of-the-art solution for intelligence gathering. It builds on the company's proven receiver expertise that spans some two decades, and sets a new standard for excellence in performance and design at an economical price. As a comprehensively versatile receiver platform, the CRX3000 can be deployed in fixed or mobile installations for a wide range of spectrum monitoring applications, including:

Direction finding
Monitoring receiver
Search and handoff
Wideband monitoring

The CRX3000 is designed as a compact, flexible, fast acquisition receiver. It provides state of the art performance, with minimum power consumption. Key features include:

Wide spectral coverage, from 20MHz to 3GHz
High quality and stable 64MHz IF output
Instantaneous bandwidths of 16MHz or 4MHz
High-stability internal 10MHz reference
High instantaneous spurious-free dynamic range
Rapid sweeping and scanning
Compact, rugged, modular construction
Inherent low power consumption (<15W) with special lower power modes
Fibre optic and electrical RS232 interface
Full software remote control
Comprehensive BIT and POST
Built-in test signal generator
Future-proof upgrades via FLASH software upload facility

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