Commands for CSS terminals. (official doc)

------------- Display Transactions for BT Computers -------------- + 
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P D D P 
+ -+ dO_NOT_sPREAD +----------- LONDON -----------+ dO_NOT_sPREAD +- + 

DAA Display Allocation Activites 
DAC Display Action 
DACC Display Activity Type 
DAE Display Account Editing 
DAJ Display Activites for job 
DALLOC Display Employee/Post History 
DALLOW Display Intermitent Allowance 
DAM Display Alais & Main identity 
DAP Display Activity Progress 
DAPP Display Appointment Page 
DAQ Display Activites In Queue 
DARF Display Attendance Record 
DARI Display ATT Rec (Indiv) 
DAU Display Actions For User 
DAUFP Display Auth Fingerprint 
DAUSG Display Auth Status Group 
DBATCH Display Batch Jobs 
DBJS Display Background Job Status 

DBLK Display L/P Blocked List Entry 
DBUACC Display Bluk Access Authority 
DCA Display Customer Account 
DCAD Display Customer (Address) 
DCAN Display Customer (Account No) 
DCCN Display Customer Account Notes 
DCCR Display Customer Contacts 
DCCV Display Cost Cataloge Values 
DCD Display Customer Details 
DCI Display Customer Insts 
DCID Display Customer In Term Details 
DCIM Display CIM Products 
DCIS Display Issues FFor Customer 
DCN Display Customer Notes 
DCNT Display Counties In District 
DCO Display Customer Orders 
DCOW Display Class-Of-Work Codes 
DCP Display Customer (By Premises) 
DCPI Display CPI 

DCRO Display Customer RTL Details 
DCRF Display Cross Reference 
DCS Display Customer Summary 
DCTT Display Call Type Table 
DDDO Display Direct Orbit Details 
DDPD DP Details 
DEC Display Engineer Commitment 
DEDPM Display Eng Data For Premises 
DEID Display Engineer-ID 
DEL Display Exchnage Line 
DEMP Display Employee Detail 
DEP Display Exception Product 
DESB Display Exch Service Blackspot 
DEX Display Exchange 
DEXG Display Exchange Group 
DEXNR Display Exchange Number Range 
DEXSV Display Exchange Services 
DEXTR Display Exchange Transfer 
DF Display Current Follow-Up 

DFH Display Follow-Up History 
DFRD Display Fault Report Details 
DFRL Display Fault Report List 
DFRN Display Fault Report Notes 
DFSD Display Fault Summary DCP 
DFSR Display Fault Summary RSU 
DHN Display Highest Node 
DIA Display Display Inst. For Account No 
DIAD Display Inst. & Account Details 
DIALL Display Intermit Allow Claims 
DID Display Installation Details 
DIG Display Issue Group 
DIIS Display Issues For Insts 
DILOG Display Issue Log 
DIN Display Installation Note 
DINT Display Interconnexions 
DIO Display Installation Orders 
DIS Display Issue 
DJD Display Job Details 

DJQ Display Jobs In Queue 
DJT Display Job Type 
DLCA Display Lines For Cust Acc 
DLIANC Display Late Int All Net Chgs 
DLONEG Display Level-1-Group Codes 
DLOTN Display Localities In Position 
DLPB Display Line Plant Blackspot 
DLTR Display Line Test Results 
DLTSNC Display Late T/S Net Chgs 
DMAR Display Cust Marketing Details 
DMPSV Display MultiPoint Service 
DMSG Message Recieve 
DMSGF Display Message Format 
DMSGI Display Message (In-Tray) 
DMSGUL Display User List 
DMU Display Metereo Usage 
DNA Display Number Of Activites 
DNAP Display Next Available Page 
DNB Display Display Notice Board 

DNBG Display Notice Board (General) 
DNBL Display Notice Board (Local) 
DNH Display Number History 
DNIS Display Narratives For Issue 
DNN Display National Number 
DNODE Display Node Details 
DO Display Order 
DOG Display Organisational Group 
DOLOG Display Order Log 
DOP Display Order Project 
DOTN Display Outcodes In Post Town 
DPA Display Product Alternatives 
DPAFS Display Product By AFS 
DPBXL Display PBX Lines 
DPD Display Product/Server Descr 
DPOET Display Pair Total Details 
DPF Display Products By Facilites 
DPID Display Products By ID 
DPM Display Premises 

DPMN Display Products By Mnemonic 
DPMTH Display Premises In Th'Fare 
DPN Display Product By Name 
DPNA Display Non-Available Products 
DPOST Display Post Data 
DPP Display Postponed Payments 
DPQ Display Print Queue 
DPQI Display Input Print Queue 
DPQO Display Output Print Queue 
DPR Display Pair Terminations 
DPSL Display Selling-Line Products 
DPSUM Display Pair Total Summary 
DPSV Display Private Service 
DPT Display Product/Service Tariff 
DPTS Display Product Time & Skills 
DQS Display Queus 
DRAU Display Repres Action For User 
DRCT Display Report Codes Table 
DREP Display Report 
DRSO Display RSO 
DRT Display Routing 
DRUX Display RSUS For Exchange 
DSAD Display Short Activity Details 
DSAI Display Alternatives Item 
DSBOM Display Subassembly Bom 
DSCO Display Stock Item By Code 
DSD Display Single DIR-Entry 
DSFC Display Item Forcast Data 
DSHI Display Scheduled Hours (Indiv) 
DSID Display Item Description 
DSIT Display Cust Site Details 
DSITP Display Item By Type 
DSMC Display Summary By Maintenance 
DSNM Display Item/Type By Name 
DSOL Display State Of Line 
DSPI Display Product-Item Reference 
DSRT Display Special Routing 
DSTD Display Item Type Description 

DSTPR Display Stamped Pairs 
DTCUT Display Tele Call Unit CH Table 
DTNCNT Display Post Town In County 
DTRACC Display Temp Access 
DTSD Display Time Sheet (Daily) 
DTSW Display Time Sheet (Weekly) 
DUSL Display Unallocated Sales Leads 
DWI Display Work Instructions 
DXRU Display Exchanges In RSU 


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