Defensive Weapons

In developing defensive-offense tactics, our bodies cant provide for everything we do in battle. That is why we need to be prepared with the proper tools to execute our goal.

Many different weapons and tools can be used in street fighting. Make sure that you keep them clean of fingerprints, DNA fibers (hair folicles, etc.), especially explosives because they may not always ignite. The following weapons are widely used and effective in executing the goal of the demonstration.

Slings-A sling is a piece of cloth with a small pocket to hold large rocks. The cloth is spun around in the air many times until momentum is gained and one side of the cloth is let go. The rock hurls into the air at it's target. Supposedly used by David against Goliath in the "Good Book".

Slingshot-C'mon, don't make me explain what this is. Bust out Bart Simpson style and fire some tiny metal pellets at pigs. Very effective when used by large groups at once.

Boomerangs-These are easy to find and work pretty well. You can also make other throwing objects like ninja stars and such. With sharp items, though, you can get a stiff attempted murder charge, like the LAPD pushed on a comrade of ours at the DNC.

Basic Chemistry

Homemade explosives work very well in riots. There is a huge history of the military using homemade explosives in war, so if it works for them, it can work against them. Click on the links for construction methods.

Molotov Cocktails-The most popular choice in street fighting weaponry. A very useful and effective explosive, made purely of house hold items.
Smoke Bombs-These easily attainable or homemade items are great when dealing with illegal situations. It can shield any media or police cameras from catching anyone on film participating in an illegal act. It can also disorient the police when they are advancing on the crowd. For construction methods, click on the link.
Fuel-Fertilizer Explosives-These will create an overwhelmingly large explosion and should be practiced in large faraway places like the desert before using. Make sure that you will not injure anyone that you do not intend to injure.
Pipe Bombs-Not really the best explosive to use in a street fight but it still works. Causes lots of good damage.
Draino Bomb-A small bomb that is very risky to use. To be used on cars only. Be careful!
Soda Bottle Bomb-A somewhat biowarfare bomb made from aluminum foil and pool acid. The fumes should not be inhaled by anyone you do not want to inhale them.
Match Head Bomb-A small bomb of match heads. Not too fabulous.

Remember: Be careful and responsible with these explosives. Dont blow yourself up, or any of your comrades! Dont get caught!