LATEST UPDATE IS AS OF 9:30pm On 12/13/01 Eastern Standard Time


GREETS GO OUT TO: FBI, AU Po Po, No, Po Po, AMN, Risc, Razor1911, WLW, FLT, Rise, RTS, RNS, M8, Myth, Snap, Shark, Dr Ice, deathr0w-, and so many others who helped with this information, you guys know who you are, without you this wouldn't be happening!!

If you have any more news regarding this, please msg ttol on EFnet.

NEW AS OF 9:30pm EST On 12/13/01: #NARQED on EFnet

Latest Updates:

- #NARQED on Efnet!

- Next Update at: 11:00pm EST

- EPiC, a DivX group, temp closed

- Eden, French movie gruop, temp closed

- POP, the DOD/RAZOR sister group for releasing kid games will release at normal time this week. They lost 3 people at least, but possibly upwards to 8 people.

- NTK (DivX, French) has announced to me that they will come back when the time is right

- "the story no one knows is how many websites were affected because of their actions. They took legitimate business servers that had nothing to do with the software pirating just because they were hosted at the same company. Several of my websites are now done and they refuse to give the servers back so I lost all my content"

- Next Update at: 9:30pm EST

- [BadGirl] is now known as [\DrIcE\]

- [BadGirl] is not really [BadGirl] but an imposter, who is framing her for the narqing incidents of a German Site, putting the blame on her would be the easiest way as she was the last person causing trouble in the scene.

- SEQUENCE, a french DivX group, shut down forever

- TSZiSO (iso apps) disbanded until 2002 atleast

- OMA (iso apps) disbanded until 2002 atleast

- ZEN, a US DivX group, cease operations until after New Year's

- COLLiSiON, a US DivX group, cease operations until after New Year's

- Just got this in "I am a personal friend of tyson [paradox/eminence/period] from newfoundland, canada, i just called his house about 20 mins ago and his mom just told me that he was takin away by the police, they took 5 or 6 of his PC's, that's all i know"

- KaMiKAZE (0day, third-party-addons) will continue to release, but taking extreme precautions; "We at kamikaze are sending our kindest regards to those who have been affected by this tragic happening (everyone). We take this oppertunity to let friends in EACH AND EVERY group know we suffer with you."

- MYTH (0day, game rips) will continue to release, but taking extreme precautions

- DEViANCE (iso games) will continue to release, but taking extreme precautions

- WoW (DivX, VCD, SVCD) says: "We had heard about iMATIONS drop from the scene and we are sorry to hear that, but we do not feel the increasing pressure that some of the other scene's do (i.e. divx movies) and we will continue to bring the fans what they have got from us in the past, regaurdless of the recent news as of right now we have haulted uploads and are uploading only internaly, but we will be back soon"

- Regarding CSR: "we will continue to release as soon as our sites come back online (although for the time being it will be 2001 only; easier to dupecheck). Also, BaLLz got busted because of his ties to the iso-scene, it was totally unrelated to CSR. I don't think he was even on any topsites, just our internal rhq."

- FiNAL is temp closed. It is a french group based in Canada. The leader got busted (that makes 2 in Canada).

- BAT (BATTERY, NoCD's patches for iso games) is perm closed

- NTK (DivX, French) shut down

- Urban-Videoz is still ripping music vids

- Next Update at 7:00-7:15pm est!

- 3 Total Busts now In Germany

- CMS has stopped releasing mp3. All their sites are down, no where to pre. Not their choice.

- Six computers captured and seized at RIT today. Click Here

- Zenith (0-day utils) now closed.

- 100Mbit site NB (NorthBridge) raided in .no

- REV mp3 has ceased operations

- STREAM (0day) is dead

- Regarding IRC server logging I asked a irc admin friend of mine about what he thinks. He said the following was just THREE days worth:
Server send: 956.95 Gigabytes ( 421.5 K/s)
Server recv: 52.13 Gigabytes ( 23.0 K/s)
To log all that, should have a lot of TB's. I then asked him if I could parse the info as it streams. He said the connections between the servers are encrypted and he doesn't know of any fed servers that get the traffic through. And even if there was one, they'd have to work against the cryptos with all that traffic. A good link to read would be Click Here

- "iMATiON officially closes down as a group as of this moment. Its fear that our leader TK might have been busted as he pinged out the morning of the raids and he pinged out about the time the raids were supposed to have happened.... as well there were raids done at his university. as I'm saying to everyone else... take precautions to protect yourself and hopefully everyone makes it out on the other side"

- GME2000 and ADM, both german DivX groups, are officially dead

- GWL, a german DivX group, is not busted

- Next Update At: 5:15-5:30pm EST!

- TF1, France's biggest TV network, wrote an article. Click Here

- More raids to come. Click Here

- CROSSFiRE is 100% DEAD, ALL members have retired!

- For those that don't know, dezzy from DoD wrote the DOD DVD Speed Ripper.

- One of the sites seized from Northeastern University was a top site affiliated with Class (CLS).

- FBI agents raided not only MIT but also Northeastern University, Boston University, Tufts University and The Bank of America office in Boston (according to yesterdays Boston Globe, FBI agents raided not only MIT but also Northeastern University and The Bank America office in Boston as well as other businesses.

- BaLLz from mp3 group CSR got busted. Unclear whether reason was mp3-related or iso-related.

- CORRECTION: ViBE is not dead!

- #checkpoint has shut its services down which includes dupecheck: Official topic from #checkpoint Dupecheck and CP Down for ever thanx to [BadGirl] (#DOD) for Posting On public Website. You should thank ttol too, he helped!

- Site channel #inertia (iT) has shutdown it and its site indefintely.

- Conformed insider information, that four major efnet servers are currently running in debug mode, which enables them to see ALL private traffic, like private chat, passwords sent to channel protection bots, messages, etc. and the information is being filtered and sent to the FBI, which requested this. Currently, a big EDU server, and .ORG server!

- Legend (French Divx) 100% Dead

- This website will soon have its own lil categories for each thing to make it more organized, hopefully by tonight, stay tuned!

- Next update around 3:30-4:00!

- A Raid in West Palm Beach, FL happened this morning, unknown as to who it was, or what was confiscated more to come soon! This brings the total to 28 Cities in 21 states!

- Xplicit (French Divx Scene) is 100% Dead

- Vibe (French Divx) is 100% Dead

- Story On Chris Tresco aka Bigrar of DOD: Click Here

- Originally known as DUPECHECK.COM has suspended its services at the moment.

- has been password protected for security purposes.

- Site MT is Perm Down

- WLWMP3 is Dead 100%

- HaXoZZi0 of Brazilian group GREDoR has been busted

- Here is a link to a 1999 Interview with Bandido: Click Here

- UK arrests now total 8 see this url for more info: Click Here

- ThrawN of DiSTiNCT/CLASS was raided in Western Australia, ThrawN's house got raided but no PC equipment was found as its in another house, no arrest has been made at this time.

- 2 Polish cracking groups busted (CookieCrK and AAoCG)CookieCrK's site was As of now, you can still search for it on and see the cached site (it listed cracking tools) AAoCG's site was As of now, you can still search for it on and see the cached site (it listed cracking tools)

- Rasiq of the brazilian group "GREDoR", was busted. He was a DVD ripper. A lawyer is with him in Federal Police, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Feds took his PC and 70 CDs and other related materials.

- Confirmed story surrounding bigrar and a former associate: Click Here

- J down perm

- Group THC has called it quits!

- Risc/FLT having problems, more news to come as I get it!

- Halfmoon2 Has Been Busted, 32 Boxes were confiscated and so were 200+ DVD CD's, HM2 Was affiliated with Centropy!

- VCD Group Centropy is 100% ALIVE

- TUBS is down

- HSG is down

- RTiSO is down

- RT is down

- EVN (TFL affil) is down

- iNSiGHT (rls group) temp down

- EchoBase is down

- FBi is down

- EI is down

- BBX is down (.no)

- AKS is down(br)

- TCP is down

- R4E is down

- DS3 is down

- LS is down

- ME is down (DODiSO HQ, SHOCK, MYTH, TMG)

- TWi is down

- LW is down

- BAN is down (Down for security)

- MT is down (DOD HQ, security)

- PWH is down (DOD HQ, security)

- BNS is down

- DWS is down

- HW is down

- BR is down (security)

- TWH is down

- TEN is down

- Brianna lived with Avec in Adelaide, Australia

- Matsmad Former FTS Member, EYM Founder, from UK got busted by having 340 CDs and Police watching his computer for 12 hours!

- POPz Shutdown (Operated by Maverick)

- Eci siteop of LA was busted so is the site!

- Two guyz from #warez have not come back yet, those two people are Scottz and Zed!

- Erupt and Doc-X have been busted, both lived in Miami. There was a Miami warrant executed and both are DOD members in Miami

- Police have ongoing investigations on a large campus network (Polytechnic Of Pohjoissavo) ( Multiple 100mbit Sites )

- Sui has NOT been arrested, the FBI only took his computer!

- Thraxis was queensland not melbourne .au

- Raftman from Norway busted

Information for group affils for each person listed below and above, as well as site affils are NEEDED!

Scene News:


- Heckler Zielin and Sui (TFL/WLW)


- Hackrat (WLW/Razor1911/DOD; California)

- Shark (WLW/Razor1911/DOD; RatzHole SiteOp)

- Thraxis (NOT Busted, but Raided -- 700 CDs and Computer; Risc, PGC, DOD; Queensland, Australia)

- Maverick (Skidrow, not from Omega; DOD Council)

- Sony and Bandido (Razor1911, DOD, Risc Council)

- Eriflleh (DOD Council; Philadelphia)

- Bigrar (DOD, Risc, Boston) - Avec (Former FTS, RTS, Rise, Former DOD Council, Razor1911)

- Buj (DOD; Durham, North Carolina)

- Forcekill (DOD; Turku, Finland)

- Radsl (DOD; Oregon)

- Chevelle (Dallas, Texas)

- Billyjoe (Austin, Texas)

- iEvil (Razor1911, An ircop, Retired already)

- Superiso (Inferno; Got raided)

- Raftman (Norway)

- SFM was a Fed site

- CoreDump (CDiSO CDMP3) was a FED site, but DR Ice (SiteOp) was not busted??

- SFM and CD sites dropped out of the scene 2 days before busts for "group arguments!"

- RHiSO is down (Hackrat Operated)

- Rumor: Hackrat busted 4 times

- HO is down (DOD AHQ, Chevelle Operated)

- AF1 is down (DOD Affil, Bandido Operated)

- FE is down

- LOF is down

- PS is down (down a few days prior to busts and should've been sitting in the room ready to put HW into FE)

- PS, LOF, FE were sitting in the Economics Department of MIT, which would be the bigrar portion of the bust!

- Razor1911 announced PC-ISO division down perm! 1985-2001

- DOD Dead 100%

- WLW Dead 100%

- 60 sites closed (.edu's mostly. Closed in fear of busts)

- TRC retired

- SKR, Courier Group, is shutdown (ran by Maverick)

- TheWretched and TheFrail (DiVX Groups) also shutdown

Story: 5 FBI agents came to Avec's house at 9:30AM CMT with a federal search warrant. Took 271 cd's. Watched her computer for a few hours monitoring #worldsites, #eusites, and #usasites Which you all know are the channel sites. Her shell was open!

Country Busts:

2 people in Canada (.ca)
3 people in Germany (.de)
1 person in Sweden (.se)
2 people in Finland (.fi)
6 people in Britain (.uk)
8 people in Australia (.au)
2 people in Norway (.no)
.se is safe at the moment

27 cities in 21 states (including MIT, UCLA, Purdue, Duke, and University of Oregon)

Atlanta, Georgia
Austin, Texas
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Boston, Massachusetts
Charlotte, North Carolina
Chicago, Illinois
Cincinnati, Ohio
Dallas, Texas
Durham, North Carolina
Cocoa Beach, Florida
Houston, Texas
Indianapolis, Indiana
Miami, Florida
New Haven, Connecticut
New York, New York
Newark, New Jersey
Norfolk, Virgina
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Orlando, Florida
Oxnard, California
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Phoenix, Arizona
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Portland, Oregon
San Francisco, California
St. Louis, Missouri
?????????, Washington
Wilmington, Delaware

News On The Busts:

Department Of Justice