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corrections or mistakes please let me (nick: "parazite_")
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#dodbusted on EFnet

note: most these news/rumors/whatever
were originally collected by ttol

latest updates:
CDiSO has been down a long time, and CDmp3 was up right until the busts, the sites were not taken down 2 days before for group arguments
HaXoZZi0 that was catched last night by the feds, he was from TBRaS, a releaser brazillian group
according to yesterdays Boston Globe, FBI agents raided not only MIT but also Northeastern University and The Bank America office in boston
its confirmed ThrawN's house in western australia was raided today but no hardware/evidence was found. ThrawN is out of contact atm. As far as we know there is no arests as yet..
from a local newspaper .. the bust at purdue ... (lafayette,indiana) ... one student was raided and equip taken and he was taken away by US customs agents and the purdue university police ...
EVN closed forever
Matsmad in the UK got busted by having 340cds and Police Watched his computer for 12 hours he was a fts former member and founder of EyM
popz shutdown (ran by maverick)
erupt and doc-x busted, lived in miami, there was a miami warrant executed and they are both dod members in miami
ECI got busted, DOD EUHQ
police investigations on a large campus network (polytechnic of pohjoissavo) ( multiple 100mbit sites )
sui not arrested, just took his computer
AF1 was bandido's site
corrected: thraxis was queensland not melbourne .au

wanted: group affils for each person listed below as well as site affils

scene news:
BUSTED: heckler, zielin, sui (tfl/wlw), hackrat (wlw/razor/dod, california), shark (wlw/razor/dod; RatzHole siteop), thraxis (not busted; but raided -- 700 cds and computer; pgc, dod, queensland, Australia), maverick (from skidrow, not from omega; dod council), sony, bandido (razor, dod, council), eriflleh (dod council, philadelphia), bigrar (dod, boston), avec (former fts, rts, rise, former DOD council, razor), buj (dod, Durham North Carolina), forcekill (dod, turku finland), radsl (dod, oregon), chevelle (dallas), billyjoe (austin), ievil (razor, an ircop, had retired already), superiso (inferno; got raided)
SFM was fed site
CoreDump (CDiSO CDMP3) was fed site. but dr ice (site op) not busted ??
SFM and CD sites dropped out of the scene 2 days before busts for "group arguments"
RHiSO is down (hackrat operated)
rumor: hackrat busted 4 times
HO is down (DOD AHQ, chevelle's site)
AF1 is down (DOD affil, bandido's site)

FE is down
LOF is down
PS is down a few days prior to busts and should've been sitting in the room ready to put HW into FE)
those 3 were sitting in the economics dept. of MIT, which would be the bigrar portion of the bust
Razor announced blackout, pciso division perm closed
DOD dead 100%
sui got busted and he's from TFL. WLW now dead
60 sites closed (.edu's mostly. closed in fear)
TRC retired
SKR, curry group, is shutdown (ran by maverick)
TheWretched and TheFrail (divx groups) also shutdown
Story: 5 fbi agents came to avec's house at 9:30AM CMT with federal search warrant. took 271 cd's. watched her computer for 2 hours.
FBI watched avec's computer for a few hours monitoring #worldsites, #eusites, and #usasites for 3 hours. all the channel sites. her shell was open

country busts:
2 people in finland got busted
6 people in britain (.uk)
7 people in australia, 2 more today so 9 total
2 in norway
.se is safe at the moment
australia was hit (bandido)
27 cities in 21 states (including MIT, UCLA, Purdue, Duke, and University of Oregon)
Austin, Texas
Baton Rouge
Charlotte, N.C.
Durham, NC
Cocoa Beach, Fla.
New Haven, Conn.
New York
Newark, N.J.
Norfolk, Va.
Oklahoma City
Orlando, Fla.
Oxnard, Calif.
Portland, Ore.
San Francisco
St. Louis
Wilmington, Del.