marijuana studies
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Marijuana studies

The Jamaican studies of 1968-74 and 1975 by the National Institute for Mental Health: Marijuana causes "no impairment of physiology, sensory and perception, and motor performance in tests of concept formation, abstraction ability, cognitive style and memory. Social studies report positive effects. There is no link to criminal behavior."

The British Raj Commission Report on Indian Hemp reported that marijuana produced minimal harmful effects and found no reason to restrict the use of marijuana.

The Nixon Blue Ribbon Report of 1972 found that marijuana does not cause violent aggressive behavior, does not lead to the use of harder drugs, does not constitute a major public health problem, does not lead to major chromosomal or brain damage, and does not lead to physical dependency. The commission advocated the decriminalization of marijuana for private use. (This commission was disbanded after reporting these findings.)

Marijuana does not 'lead' to other drugs. From the Jamaican and Costa Rican studies: "The legal drugs for adults, such as alcohol and tobacco. . . precede the use of all illicit drugs."(National Academy of Sciences)

Today's marijuana comes from the same plant as that smoked in the sixties. It has not been genetically altered or tampered with to be more potent. Some strains from other countries such as India do produce more cannabinoids than others.The sinse milla preferred today is just the unfertilized tops of the female hemp plant. While somewhat more potent than fertilized marijuana, it is nowhere near 16 times as strong as pot smoked in the sixties.

Marijuana may raise blood pressure by a small amount, similar to drinking one or two cups of coffee.

The estimated lethal dose for a mouse, as reported by the US government, is 40,000 times the dose required to produce intoxication in humans. Government scientists were not able to kill this lucky Mighty Mouse with pure THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, because marijuana is not toxic, unlike alcohol and tobacco.

Marijuana does stimulate the creative, imaginative, left side of the brain. It is a mild hallucinogenic, and organic psychoactive drug (mind-affecting---- like alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and sugar), and can make you think in new ways. Marijuana hasbeen safely tested by millions of normal people on themselves since the beginning of written history.

1995 Information from the Grassroots Party of Minnesota;

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