kaos roolz help

Q: "I am downloading the file and the connection breaks..."
 A1: Try again.
 A2: Try another mirror. Mirrorlists @ "kaosroolz.cjb.net".
 A3: Get getright at www.getright.com. Getright resumes downloads, if the server supports it.

Q: "What is anarchyk.j, I try to read it with notepad and it is just gibberish?"
 A1: Anarchyk.j is JAR compressed archive, get jar @ www.arjsoftware.com/jar.htm and jar32 x anarchyk.j to uncompress the files.
 A2: If you aren't able to depack anarchyk.j get anarchyk.zip, it is zip compressed and easy to uncompress with Winzip.
 A3: Read the unpacked version @ "kaosroolz.0catch.com" & "www.angelcities.com/members/kaosroolz" & "members.fortunecity.com/kaosroolz10048".

Q: "When will anarchyk be updated?"
 A: The 15DEC98 version will likely be the very last.

Q: "May I make mirrors?"
 A: Yes.