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General Guidelines
Here are a few tips, wanings & advice from different sources
  1. Never trip alone but with friends
  2. Start off with small doses
  3. Only trip in pleasant, comfortable places where parents, policemen etc. are absent
  4. Only trip if you feel OK
  5. Always remember that you are under the influence of a drug and you will feel normal again in a few hours
  6. Giving a psychedelic to someone without their knowledge or consent is an incredibly dangerous thing to do as well as being morally wrong
  7. If you run into problems try changing the topic of conversation, music or whatever you are doing
  8. If you are careful you should run into few problems and you will enjoy the overall trip.
  9. Occasionally a few days or even weeks after a trip slight memories of the effects surface, but this is fairly rare. These 'flashbacks' are a split second long, a kind of intensified 'deja vue', perhaps accompanied by some of the same feelings as on the trip.

Throughout the world and through the centuries, Hash and weed have been used by people from different cultures. But like with other stimulants, using hash and weed is not without risk. This is why we have compiled a few hints for:

Sensible use

Hash and weed originate from the cannabis plant (cannabis sativa). The effective substance is called Tetra-hydro-cannibol (THC). It's effect lasts 2 to 4 hours. Hash and weed affect our consciousness, so that one starts feeling comfortable. Some people become talkative, others reserved. Some become active, others relaxed, one does not know in advance how it will effect one; it may work out differently every time.

Use hash for your pleasure, but not to smoke away stress and uncertainty. You do not solve problems by lighting a joint.

Your concentration will diminish when using hash and weed. Sometimes you even forget, what you said a moment before. So do not use at school, at your work or if you still have to study.

Your reactions will also diminish under the influence of hash, so do not drive!

Eating hash or weed, like space cake, should be advised against in the case of inexperienced users.

Hash and weed often do not mix with alcohol.

Sometimes you can become quite sick after using hash and weed; if this happens, find a quiet spot and eat or drink something sweet. After an hour the worst will have passed.

Who should not...?
Do not use hash or weed if you take medicine. This also applies to diabetics and epileptics. And do not smoke when you are pregnant. Do not buy hash and weed in the street. find a cosy hash coffee shop, and let people inform you about what to buy. Avoid problems, do not carry hash or weed with you when you cross borders.

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Set and Setting:

"SET" is the expectations a person brings with them. "Setting" is the environment that a person is in. Set includes expectations about the drug's actions and how the person will react. Setting includes the social and physical conditions. For LSD and the hallucinogen-type drug more than other psychoactives, set and setting are very important in determining the nature of the experience. These factors make the difference between, e.g., the experiences of someone taking the drug for enhancement at a concert, for psychotherapy in an doctor's office, in a religious context, or in the outdoors for an aesthetic experience. For best results, one should take LSD only with people one trusts in safe, comfortable surroundings, free of everyday intrusions. Tripping alone is a very risky thing to do, that inexperienced people should avoid.

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