At all demonstrations, it's often that people are picked up on the way from an action. This has become a big problem. When leaving a demonstration, you should always leave wearing something different than how you came. Even if you have done nothing illegal, a pig can always pull you over and arrest you based on Conspiracy. These charges can hold up, especially if they find something on your person that can be interpreted as something that can be used for illegal purposes.

The only case I have heard of any group De-Bloc'ing was on August 16th, 2000 in Los Angeles during the Demon-cratic National Convention. The Black Bloc was seperated in half by the police while crossing an intersection. One half was shot at with 12-guage shotguns that held rubber bullets, while the other side decided that after an hour of confrontation with police they should de-Bloc and continue the march to the Staples Center.

For the de-Bloc'ing at the DNC, everyone huddled together and covered the group with the large banners that were used at the protest. The participants changed clothes underneath the banners so that the police could not photograph the individuals. When everyone had changed their clothes, other demonstrators were asked to gather around the group and then everyone emerged from the banners in their new clothes.

I think that the tactic of mass de-Bloc'ing is definately an issue that should be discussed. As far as walking away from the scene of a demonstration, remember not to ever be alone. If for some reason you came to the demonstration by yourself (which you should not do!), just ask a comrade that is in a large group if you can walk with them. There is nothing to be embarrassed about, and if the person you ask is a true comrade then they will welcome you.

Be creative. Think of some new ideas for de-Bloc'ing. Scope out the area of the demonstration before hand and find some good secure places to escape to.