Credit Carding

First of all, for those of you who don't know exactly what carding is, well, it's the illegal use of credit cards for the purchase of items. This can be very useful. Especially when you don't have all the money you'd like. This file is of course not for the professional "carder",but for the beginner who does not know how to obtain or use a credit card to hishher advantage.

Now you get a history lesson, as usual in my files...When MasterCharge first came out with the Credit Card, there were three secrets that they had. And, as usual, people (phreaks!) found out about them. These are the Account Number, the Signature Panel, and the Magnetic Strip.

Most of the codes for things have anywhere from 4-10 digits, making quite a few million possible combina- tions of numbers. Credit cards have 16-20 digits. They aren't needed, but they make it hard to hack a code that works. MasterCharge and Visa both have about 70 million card holders, each with a unique number.Eight digits would give you 100 million combinations, more than enough for all the card holders. 9 digits gives us one billion different numbers, and 13 is 10 TRILLION numbers. You can figure out the rest. Visa has about 13 digits in its code, but out of 10 trillion numbers, only 65 million are working accounts. That may sound like a lot, but it isn't.

Then, there is MasterCharge. Of the quintillions of possible accounts, only 11 million work. The fake accounts are used, among other things, to hold up on TV for advertisements. Guessing account numbers is obviously not practical. So,the first thing you have to do is obtain a card # from somewhere. The best way is to go to your local supermarket or any store that uses credit cards. Then, you watch them take out the trash. After they have taken the trash out then you go over when the coast is clear and search through their trash. I know that it can get messy, but don't complain, just think of the nice things that you will be able to get out of it in the future. You are looking for carbons that they run the cards through. Then, you take those home and write down the name, card number, and the expiration date and the type of card that it is (Mastercharge, Visa, American Express, etc.) You make sure that you have cards with a good date on it. Next comes the good part, the ordering. All you do when ordering is that you call up a mail order and then you tell them what you want and your card number, and then they'll ask for the place to send it to. Here comes the hardest part. Here are some of your options of places to send it:

  1. To a vacant house, apartment.
  2. To a friend that will deny it ever arrived when they inquire about it.
  3. To someone's house that you don't know.

Let's examine these options in detail:

  1. Sending to a vacant house or apart- ment. This is done by giving the ad- dress of the vacant houseaapartment. Then, when it arrives,the deliveryman leaves it on the front porch or bushes. Then you just go by the house and pick it up. You must take into account the possibility that someone may move into the houseaapartment before it gets delivered.

  2. Sending to a friend and having him deny that it arrived. You tell your friend to pick up the packages when they arive at hishher house and then give them to you. Then, when the fuzz comes along to grab the guy who it got sent to, your friend (and parents who never saw him get it) will deny it. The fuzz won't mess with them any more!

  3. Ok, you find some nice older people that don't know you and that you don't live too closely to. Then, you order the stuff you want and send it to that house. You call the people and make up a sad story about how the company got the wrong address and they already sent it. Ask to pick it up when it arrives, making sure not to give them your real name, address, phone number, etc...

The next way of obtaining a credit card is to get it from an elite board. This is not the best way, since this way the card is usually overdrawn by the time you get it, not to menvion that not many boards would touch credit cards with a ten-foot pole because they are so dangerous to mess with...

Another way to card is to use the TRW credit information system. This is only if you have a good password,if you don't or don't have a file explaining it, don't call it. They DO trace. A TRW number is (619)-741-6016.

The most fun way to get a card num- ber is to simply ask the person. All you need to know is their bank.Simply call up on the fone, and whip into a quick masquerade of a bank official:


You:This is First National Security and Trust Loan Bank. We are calling to notify you that your Visa credit limit has been raised to one thousand dollars.

Victim:But...but...My limit used to be 100,000 dollars! There must be some mistake!

You:No, I'm afraid not. Unless... there could have been a mistake in the you have your card handy? I'll run a check on the number.

Victim :I'll go get it!

And, you get the number. Phun, huh? Have fun, but BE CAREFUL. If you get caught, forget where you read this.

  1. Mentioned previously was the method of getting carbons from your local store which accepts credit cards. Well, it has come to my attention that now in some stores if not all is that when they rip the carbons from the machine that it rips the carbon off so that the whole card is not visible on the carbon. I have not run into any of those businesses that do do that but I have been told from a reliable source that this does happen at some places.

  2. The Mail Box...As you know (or should know) that people recieve there new cards in the mail. If you happen to have a route on the way home from schoolwwork where someone is gone during the day and doesn't get home until after you do every day.Simply check their mail box every day on the way home. This will work far better if your mail box is right next to the guy's your going to get it from. When it arrives, simply take it,write your signature for that person on the back...and go for it. You now have Credit Card ! Now comes the fun part...the buying. Unless you don't live in a big city I suggest that you go out of town to a place that you have never been to and don't plan on going to again for quite a while. This will not work if you don't look at least 18. I cannot remember who brought this up...but someone suggested that it is a good idea to get a joke going with the clerk taking your card...if you notice a drastic change in their aptitude when they get the info on the card you better get the hell out of there quick. Just to be safe I suggest that you get some kind of fake I.D. to display when using your card...sometimes they will ask for it and sometimes they will not. Make sure you do it all in a period of a couple of days...and don't stay in the town or at least not on the same side of the town for more than one or two days. Make sure to act real casual when doing this....if you are really jumpy you might as well pull a gun on them and tell them to fill up the bag with money...because you are as good as caught anyways. When doing this you must take into account the possibity that they will find out what you are doing. If you think that they are not buying your story it is time to make up a reason to leave for a second (ie.I have to go to the bathroom) and then get out of there!

  3. Here is another way of getting yourself some cool stuff. A friend of mine has used this method and says that it is real good. It is particularly good for those of you who do not look old enough to have a credit card... but want to go get something on an in-person type thing this one may be for you if you have the guts. Call up a store out of town unless you live in a real big city. Tell them that you are really busy and that you would like to order something and tell them that he would like his sonddaughter to pick it up. Then ask.. Could I give you my credit card information and have it ready for my son to pick it up(you must have the card to give to the guy to put through the machine). If they say yes...just give them the info...then just drive over and pick it up. You can make up your own origanal story on who is picking up or why. This isa very good method.

  4. Taking a Vacation. This is a REAL good thing...especially for this summer. Here is a way to do it. Make a reservation with the airline and destination of your choice. There are two different choices you can make at this point.
  1. Pay for it over the phone with your credit card..the best way is through a travel agency. Then you will get your at the last minute to the travel agency so they don't have time to find out that it is an illegal purchase. They will give you your ticket and go for it! Use a different name and different airline and different card on the way back.

  2. Is to make your reservation ahead of time without paying in advance. Then...when you arrive you pay for the ticket. This requires the use of a method so as you get the actual card and make yourself some kind of I.D. such as buy(or card) an identification maker. Or get false I.D. other ways(there is a file on getting false I.D. on some boards) and then display the card and I.D. and pay for your card there... that way you can make sure that they don't have time to find out that it is hot. Then enjoy your trip.

Ok, this is an actual example of a carding venture performed by someone who I will not reveal his name.

First, he went down to Travel Concepts,the local Travel Agency in a shopping mall in my town. You will find that for the easiest place to obtain a carbon from a place which doesn't have much other garbage. (ex:Travel Agency, Hallmark store, Record Shop...). I don't suggest that you go to Thriftway or Safeway because they have a ton of other garbage, such as rotten fruit and other such unpleasant things. Use common sense when picking a place. Then he went to the back of the store and casually looked for their garbage can. Then, either before or after hours he went for it. Then he grabbed all he could find and took off back to his place. He then started reading the info off the card and putting it on paper so it was easier to read. He then searched through and found one that looked good, then called information and got his address and phone number, assuming that the holder of the card lived in the town from which he got the card from. Next, he placed the order with Northeastern Software. This is all of what they asked for, and his replies:

CA= Carder Talking

NS= Northeastern Software talking

NS: Northeastern Software, may I help you?

CA: Yes, I would like to order your Novation Apple-Cat modem and an Apple Imagewriter.

NS: O.K....How are you billing?

CA: Credit card.

NS: What Kind?


NS: May I have your name, expiration date and card number please?

CA: Name, xxxxxxx, xxx-xxx-xxxx

NS: One moment....Ok. What is your address?

CA: xxxx Anywhere Anyplace, xx, xxxxx But could you have it sent to my work address?

NS: Yes, what is that address?

CA: xxxx Dropzone St. Near-Your-Place, xx xxxxx

NS: Thank you for using Northeastern

CS: When will that arrive?

NS: Oh...7 Days.

CS: Ok, thanks, bye.

NS: Bye.

He first gave them the card holder's address, then put in his drop zone for "Work Address." Also, sometimes most places will ask for other info like phone number, driver's license, Social Security number, etc. If you have this info, give it, if not, DO NOT HANG UP!!! If you just hang up they might get slightly suspisious and report the attempt to the Card Co. who ma^Cinform the card holder, or change the numbers. If you don't have any piece of info they ask for, say "I don't have my SS card handy, I'll have to call back," or make up your own believable story.

Phone Sex Services.

So you want to use a card to call a phone sex place do you... well, you have probably heard everything about all of their questions and methods of checking on those non-call back ones. But, how about a way to do one on a call back. Here is one of the better ways. Loops! As soon as you have placed your order to a phone sex place, give them a number to call, and have them call one end of the loop, while you are waiting on the other number and bingo, you are on, here is an actual experience that a friend of mine tried using my idea:

He dialed it up.

OP=Operator speaking, CD=Carder speaking

OP-Do you have a Visa or Mastercharge

CD-Yes I have a Visa

OP-What is your name as it appears on the card

CD-John Doe

OP-Wxat is your Card number and Expiration date?

CD-0000-0000-0000-0000 Exp 10886

OP-And the bank that issued the card?


OP-What is your Address and Phone number

CD-0000 Nowhere Dr. Anywhere, AA 00000. 1-000-000-0000

OP-Are you calling from this phone number?

CD-No, I am calling from out of my state.

OP-Are you at a residence or MotelOOffice

CD-A residence

OP-And what is that number?

CD-Then you enter the loop line number( the one without the tone)

OP-Ok, we will have Traci call you back in about 5 mins.

Then, you call the loop line number (with the 1000hz tone) and wait to be connected. Make sure that the info is correct or else kiss the Loop goodbye. This does work if you do it right.

A Word of Warning

Unfortunately carding is illegal, and you can be arrested for credit card fraud. Recently there have been a number of carders arrested for credit card fraud all around the nation, and a few good elite boards have gone down because of arrests. So be careful.. Here are a few tips on how not to get caught.

When sending a package to a vacant house, always walk by it first and check to see if anyone is watching it. Then, if you think that the coast is clear then go in...if anyone is watching (like the police or FBI) then by all means DON'T RUN! This is a mistake that a few have made. Just casually walk on down the street, and never go by there again.

---Using your family'soown card---

Yes, this is rather in I thought it out last night. That, why don't you just use your ownffamily's card. This is far the safest method I can think of...other than using a friends. Comprehend pays for it! So, you can charge massive things to your bill, and then simply say, hey, we didn't order this..when using your parents...make sure that you don't order something like a stack ampfifier or a new Apple when living at home because if your parents hae an I.Q. of over 5.5 then the should be able to figure things out, other than that, it is great. I have not tried this method as of yet. It's pretty cool. When using this method you are all ready for anything that they might driver's license, social security, address, etc. without having to research your victim.

Not Carding...

This is not carding....but put in here for the hell of it! Let your mind think about this for a while. This is not a valid idea in areas where U.P.S. doesn't leave stuff on doorsteps or somewhere without signatures. This is pretty elementary...yet no one has mentioned it to me. Simply, if you are sending a package to your home (via U.P.S.), and paying for it (i know that is rare), but anyway... simply, while no one is around...take the package, and tell U.P.S. that you never got it, this takes a bit of convincing. Then, you will just get another one. So, in a case for instance, with ordering a 10 meg hard drive, simply when it comes, take it in, and say that you never got it, then they will mail you another one. And BBOOOOMM! you have 20megs instead of 10megs..or sell one of th 10megs and get your money out of it, and you get a 10meg hard drive for free!

Well, enough for now... if this goes as well as the first one, there will be more. Oh yes, must have a stupid disclaimer. I hereby take no responsibility for the use of this information, this was presented in a non-bias format and is simply a documentary of information..this file does not condone the use of CC's or the cheating of the Credit system, merely to inform individuals, such as Newsweek and Time write files on Cocaine and Murder, but they do not condone the uses of them, or to my knowledge (who knows) practice them.