The Complete Guide to Beastiality and Necro-Beastiality


Warlock and Shroomer

Since the beginning of time ,men have been plagued with cold-nosed women who simply refused to put out.Well ,it was not long before man realized the value of Rosey Palm and her five sisters.Men really liked ole Rose,but she lacked that lubricating wetness that provided for mind blowing orgasms that pussy could secrete.So those men got to thinking:A pussy is a pussy ,no matter what the species.So be69 the age of Beastiality.Unfortunately ,fucking animals gave rise to new diseases,like syphilis.So when the rubber was finally invented ,men could not only beast-fuck without the worry of infecting their dicks,they could also fuck the dead ones.Now with the arrival of AIDS, women are especially stingy with their snatches.I hope this guide will be helpful to men & women both.


Make sure the animals cunt is big enough to fit your dick!You havent felt pain until you've had a donkey crack your nads!Suggested animals- Sheep,cow,horse(if your over 6'),pig.Just go out in the country if you live in the city,or the zoo if you have no wheels.

Animals have to get excited,just like humans.Try to pick an animal without a tail,cause usually they have shit caked in the hair.Leave the animal standing,don't attenp to lay it down.Remember,they fuck standing up(unless you choose a cat).Now, get on your knees and GENTLY grasp her ankles.Close your eyes and slowly run your tounge along the length her slit.Try to hold your nose,the slime on her outer lips is a mixture of spit,piss,piss,piss,piss,smegma,and whatever else she rubbed her cunt in.Her hips will start to get a little relaxed,and soon her pussy-juice will start to drip down your face.Use your fingers and find her clit if you can.Work 1 finger in at first,then 2 until her hole is loose enough to bang.


Now slip on your rubber.I recommend Trogan (C), lubed with receptacle.Never use ribbed or you'll get kicked in the nuts again.


Slowly stand up, you dont want to ruin the mood she's in.Animals can be even flakier than real women.Reach down and spread her cuntlips open. Dosen't it look great! Now , the hard part.Slowly slide your firm,hard dick up her loose,smelly gash.Once you have it in , hold your position. Let her get used to the feeling of you member inside her.Now slowly grind your pelvis into her ass. I know tou'll be getting shit all over your bush since her asshole is right there, but this will arouse her even more .Don't be surprised if she farts either, they can 't hold gas when they fuck.SLOWLY thrust in and out. Be sensative to the needs of your partner, work out a rythym WITH her , dont be selfish. Occasionally reach down and fondle her clit, her anus, herthighs. She will love you for it. Now you can quicken up the pace and let go of your wad.Sometimes if the mood is right , you can rip off your rubber and shoot your wad all over her butt, using your cum for lube if you decide to fuck her in the ass later.


If you didn't come on her ass, you might want to lick your fingers and work then in her asshole.Or you can just lick her asshole and wiggle your tounge inside her bowels if you like,both will do the trick. Animals are generally not fond of buttfucking, it hurts them too, only they are used to passing massive amounts of shit so their assholes are a tad looser.


Necro-beastiality can be dangerous. You are sticking your dick in dead flesh, and there's a lots of bacteria at work decomposing her body. So, now you have more than just one disease to worry about. But I know how satisfying it can be to fuck a cold, dead pussy. The nice thing is you don't have to worry if she want to or not.. She's dead. Also,you dont have yo worry about lubrication. During the couse of decaying, the animals cunt will be bloated with pus, so once you start to bang all those tatsy juices go free!! You might also want to try oral sex with her.Just bend over and lick up the pus.Don't attempt anal sex! Her intestines are stiff, when you pull your dick out, her guts will still be wrapped around your dick and it gets real messy...


Well how about that!