about me

suicidalist anarchist atheist aka.
the radical loser who said "no no no"!
an individual born to the tyranny of democracy
thinking anarchy, speaking anarchy, acting anarchy
refusing to accept "life" as a slave of moralist normality, legality and existance
waging the war of personal independence
countermoralist cyber resistance today
tomorrow's potential real world "criminal"/"terrorist"
a seeker of martyrdom
the existance based entirely on the violence of moralist society
no desirable life whatsoever without total freedom & optimal success!
but oh no, u don't choose! this is the world of moralist slavery for existance, normality and legality
so called "suicidality", "crime" and "sickness" are the freedoms of true anarchy
fuck the politics of moralists and their partners in tyranny - the legalists and the normalists

pro-abortion * pro-amphetamines * pro-atheism * pro-commercial sex * pro-hard drugs * pro-death * pro-euthanasia * pro-distribution of illegal pornography * pro-suicide * pro-teen sex * pro-zoophilia

anti-censorship * anti-copyright * anti-legalism * anti-moralism * anti-normalism * anti-paternalism * anti-pharmacracy * anti-pseudoscience * anti-protection * anti-racism * anti-regulation * anti-religion * anti-state * anti-violence

Under Devastation/The Joy of Life by Chip aka. paraZite
-Summer 1995: the Failure aka. the Beginning

you are nothing
but still rotting

rising from the shit
looking for a pit

thinking about jumping
to stop the hearth pumping

wanting not to live
this damn life has nothing to give

eating mud, slitting wrists
killing others with bare fists

crushing floors
raping poors

being the master of judgement
drowning into the excitement

morphing into a ravage beast
enjoying this deadly feast

cutting skin, eating flesh
hoping only it to be fresh

acting in the light of moon
not being at home soon

while in sun feeling naked
as a brain once baked

being abducted by inner drugs
like a corpse while eaten by bugs

ripping waste from mouth and ears
still not crying any tears

having only dust to breath
hoping for an instant death

suffering in enourmous pains
without seeing any gains

nails hit into skull
enough of this bull

swimming in oceans of sadness
towards everlasting madness

feeling the death near
but still having insane fear

through the hole of insanity
entering the dungeons of infinity

into the flames turning to dust
is this the final bust