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Saturday 31.12.2005
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DVD Decrypter

This piece of software is probably the greatest technological achievement United Kingdom has ever given to this world ;-) Anyway, DVD Decrypter is really the only tool we need in our guide, provided that your ASPI settings are OK already.

Select ISO mode

This step is to change the ripping mode. From Mode menu, go to ISO selection and select Read.

This is pretty much what you see after the mode change. This view gives you certain information that is extremely important for us.

On the right-hand side you see various information about the DVD-Video itself. The only thing that really matters here is the DVD size. This has to be less than 4,718,592,000 bytes, otherwise the movie wont fit on a blank DVD.

Select the destination

From the destination box, you have to select a filename and directory where to store the ISO image the DVD Decrypter will create for you. This directory has to have at least the same amount of free space as the DVD's size is.

Copy the DVD to harddrive

After setting the destination filename, simply click the copy symbol in bottom of the window and DVD Decrypter will start ripping the movie and creating a DVD image file to your HDD.

Table of contents:
· Introduction and requirements
· Rip the DVD with DVD Decrypter
· Burn the DVD image to DVD-R

Created: 11 May 2002   Last updated: 20 October 2004

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