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Summary: This FAQ contains answers to frequently asked questions about marijuana and industrial hemp legalization.
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Version: 1.0

Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions about Cannabis Hemp

This document contains straight answers to tough questions about hemp and marijuana. Every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy, and sources, if not provided, are available by request. BE WARNED -- this text has changed minds. The author and contributers do not take responsibility for any change in outlook, new ideas, or re-evaluation of one's relationship with current political parties which may result from allowing photons to travel into your eyeballs, even when said photons originate from a cathode ray tube, backlit LCD screen, microfiche reader or illuminated sheet of paper on which this document is being displayed. Unless of course you feel like showering us with fan mail and candy-grams. In that case we'll take the blame.

Copyright 1994 by Brian S. Julin

The following persons have contributed to this document at some point in it's evolution: Laura Kriho (original list of questions), Marc Anderson (fact finding), Paul L. Allen (LaTeX formatting) ,plus some others who haven't said they want their name put in.

This material is maintained and written by Brian S. Julin, with help from several other individuals. It is copyrighted material. The copyright is only there to prevent anyone from editing or selling this material. Feel free to redistribute the material in any form as long as it is unaltered in content, and no credit or money is taken for the contents themselves. Comments, questions, contributions or ideas should be mailed to [email protected] or c/o Brian S. Julin at UMACRC, S.A.O. Mailbox #2, Student Union Building, UMASS, 01003

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