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Interface Swipe Readers
MagWedge Swipe Reader
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  • Can be attached to any PC keyboard or flat surface
  • Sends data to the PC as if it were entered from the keyboard
  • No programming or special software required
  • Bi-directional read capability

  • No external power requirements
  • Available models include IBM AT, PS/2 and compatibles in single and dual track configurations
  • LED Feedback: green indicates ready to read, red indicates error


Color: Most models available in black and pearl white
Power Requirements: 5VDC, from PC. 20mA max current
Dimensions: L:6.5" x W:1.75" x H:1.625"
Weight (Reader): 7 oz.
Dimensions: L:3.94" x W:1.28" x H:1.23"
Weight: 5.8 oz.
Cable Length: 6 ft. (1,8m)
Message Format: Keyboard Scan Code
Card Speed: 3-125 ips at 75 bpi; 3-50 ips at 210 bpi
MTBF (Electronics): 30,000 hours
MTBF (Head): 300,000 passes

Operating Environment:
Operating: 0�C to 55�C (32�F to 131�F)
Storage: -30�C to 70�C (-22�F to 158�F)

Operating: 10% to 90% noncondensing
Storage: Up to 100% noncondensing

Operating: 0-10,000 ft. (0-3,048 m.)
Storage: 0-50,000 ft. (0-15,240 m.)

Standard Configurations:
Description Part Number
Track 2: 21080021
Track 1&2: 21080020
Track 2&3: 21080022
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