Works by Author

Adler, Mind & Body
Adorno, Culture Industry
Adorno, Negative Dialectics
Althusser, Contradiction and Overdetermination
Avineri, Hegel & State
Bacon, Natural History
Bakunin, God & the State
Barthes, Semiology
Benjamin, Art
Berkeley, Human Knowledge
Berman, Fetishism
Bohr, Discussions with Einstein
Brenkert, Marx's Ethics
Brentano, Psychology
Bridgman, Logic of Modern Physics
Brouwer, Intuitionism
Bublitz, Reconciliation & Rejection
Bukharin, ABC of Communism
Carnap, Philosophical Foundations of Physics
Chomsky, Language & Mind
Comte, General View of Positivism
Cornell, Transformations
Croce, Hegelianism
Debeauvoir, Second Sex
Debord, Society of Spectacle
Derrida, Grammatology
Derrida, Hegel
Derrida, Spectres of Marx
Descartes, Discourse on Method
Dewey, Question of Certainty
Diderot, Conversations
Dilthey, Human Sciences
Dunayevskaya, Mao Perverts Lenin
Dunaveyskaya, Philosophy & Revolution
Dunaveyskaya, Ambivalence of Lenin
Dunaveyskaya, On Sartre
Dunaveyskaya, New Forces
Durkheim, On Pragmatism
Ebert, Red Feminism
Einstein, Reply to Criticisms
Engels, On Schelling
On Feuerbach I
On Socialism II
Fanon, National Culture
Feuerbach, Philosophy of Future
Feyerabend, Against Method
Fichte, Doctrine of Knowledge
Firestone, Dialectic of Sex
Foucault, Archaeology of Knowledge
Foucault, Unities of Discourse
Freud, Weltanschauung
Freud, Mental Personality
Friedan, On Freud
Friedman, On Methodology
Fromm, Character & Social Process
Fukuyama, End of History
Gadamer, Hegel’s Logic
Galileo, On Copernican Opinion
Gödel, Foundations of Mathematics
Habermas, Theory of Knowledge
Heartfield, Death of the Subject
Heidegger, Existence & Being
Heidegger, Phenomenology
Heisenberg, Quantum Theory
Heisenberg, Copenhagen School
Heisenberg, Philosophy
Helmholtz, Facts of Perception
Hegel, On Kant
Hilbert, Foundations of Maths
Hobbes, De Cive
Hobbes, Leviathan
Hume, Cause & Effect
Husserl, Crisis of Science
Husserl, Phenomenology
Holzman, Lev Vygotsky
Hyppolite, Organisation of Logic
Ilyenkov, Abstract & Concrete
Ilyenkov, Essays on Dialectical Logic
Ilyenkov, On Positivism
Jakobson, Sound & Meaning
C L R James, Dialectics
C L R James, Black Power
James, William, What Pragmatism Means
Jameson, Postmodernism
Jaspers, My Philosophy
Jung, Analytical Psychology
Kant, Ethics
Kant, Critique of Pure Reason
Kaufmann, Hegel Myths
Kautsky, The Dialectic
Keynes, Pure Induction
Klein, Patriarchy
Kierkegaard, Concept of Dread
Koffka, Gestalt Psychology
Kojeve, Dialectic of Real
Kolman, Hegel & Maths
Korsch, Philosophy & Revolution
Kuhn, Scientific Revolutions
Laing, Politics of Experience
Leibniz, Monadology
Lenin, on Hegel
Lenin, Thing-in-itself
Lenin, Revolution in Science
Lenin, Militant Materialism
Leontev, Personality
Levi-Strauss, Structural Analysis
Locke, Utilitarianism
Locke, Human Understanding
Lorenz, Scientific Humility
Lovelock, Gaia
Lyotard, Postmodern Condition
Mach, Analysis of Sensations
Mao, On Contradiction
Mao, On Practice
Marcuse, Reason & Revolution
Marcuse, One Dimensional Man
Marx, 1844 Manuscripts
Marx, French Materialism
Marx, Theses on Feuerbach
Marx, German Ideology
Marx, Critique of Pol/Econ.
Marx, Commodities
Marx, Labour
Marx, Value
Marx, Fetishism
Mead, Perspectives
Merleau-Ponty, Structure of Behaviour
Meszaros, Alienation
Mikhailov, Riddle of Self
Mill, System of Logic
Mill, Utilitarianism
Mill, On Nature
Millett, Sexual Politics
Monod, Ethic of Knowledge
Negri, Immaterial Labour
Newton, Principia
Nicholson, Gender & History
Nietzsche, Challenge
Nietzsche, Beyond Good & Evil
Novack, Positivism
Novack, Dialectics
Paine, Age of Reason
Pareto, Mind & Society
Parsons, Functionalism
Pavlov, The Brain
Peirce, Clear Ideas
Pelnczynski, Hegel & State
Piaget, Genetic Epistemology
Piaget, Construction of Reality
Pilling, Marx & Political Economy
Pilling, Concepts of Capital
Plekhanov, On Hegel
Plekhanov, Materialist Conception of History
Poincare, Relativity
Popper, Realist View of Physics
Quine, Verification
Reed, Matriarchy
Rorty, Pragmatism
Rousseau, Emile
Rousseau, Inequality
Russell, Mathematical Logic
Russell, Theory of Knowledge
St-Simon, Letter from Geneva
Sakata, Modern Physics
Sartre, Marxism & Existentialism
Saussure, Linguistics
Sayer, Productive Forces
Sayer, Production Relations
Schelling, Transcendental Philosophy
Schelling, History of Philosophy
Schelling, On Hegel
Schlick, Epistemology & Physics
Schopenhauer, World as Will
Skinner, Cognitive Thought
Slaughter, Lenin & Hegel
Slaughter, Marxist Theory
Adam Smith, Utility
Cyril Smith Marx & Hegel
Tony Smith, Logic of Capital
Spencer, Herbert, Comte
Spencer, Laws in General
Spender, Man Made Language
Spinoza, Ethics
Stalin, Dia-Mat
Stewart, Hegel Myths
Trotsky, ABC of Dialectics
Trotsky, Social Function of Literature
Trotsky, Their Morals & Ours
Uchida, Grundrisse & Hegel's Logic
Vygotsky, Psychology
Weber, Sociology
Wilde, Marxism
Wilde, Dialectic & contradiction
Wittgenstein, Lectures
Wundt, Psychology
Zizek, On Belief