To learn about hypnosis, what it is and how it works, and how to apply it to helping people - hypnotherapy or clinical hypnosis.

A large part of this site is dedicated to students of hypnosis. The people I have in mind mostly are those individuals all over the world who are interested in finding out about one of the most powerful and valuable non-chemical ways we have of changing the way we are.

I believe it to be:

And that it can:

I attempt to keep my language as simple and clear and free from jargon as possible, bearing in mind the fact that many readers around the world use English as a second language.

Training This will tell you some ideas about training in hypnotherapy.

Qualities needed This gives my ideas on the kind of person who is likely to be good at the job; divided into those qualities that are relatively innate and those that can be learned.

Beginners This gives a brief introduction to Morganic therapy. In due course I hope to expand it to include a beginners course in Hypnotic techniques.

Hypnosis for Beginners This is the current state of a more practical course, mentioned above, which is being enlarged from time to time.

The Principles of Hypnotherapy When you know something about the subject you can move on to this complete book available on this site which gives a deep understanding of the scientific principles of the subject.

Articles You could browse through this selection of articles I have written on various topics which may give you an idea of how therapy can be applied in various cases.

Bibliography This is the page on which all references are collected. Access to it is given after every reference in a text by means of the shorter key Bib

Home This is the home page on this site from which you can access everything else.