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Canning Pie Fillings

GUIDE 2:17-18

General: The following fruit fillings are excellent and
safe products. Each canned quart makes one 8-inch to 9-
inch pie. The filling may be used as toppings on dessert
or pastries. Clear Jel is a chemically modified corn
starch that produces excellent sauce consistency even
after fillings are canned and baked. Other available
starches break down when used in these pie fillings,
causing a runny sauce consistency. Clear Jel is
available only through a few supply outlets and is not
currently available in grocery stores. Find out about
its availability prior to gathering other ingredients to
make these pie fillings. If you cannot find it, ask your
county Extension home economist about sources for Clear

Because the variety of fruit may alter the flavor of the
fruit pie, it is suggested that you first make a single
quart, make a pie with it, and serve. Then adjust the
sugar and spices in the recipe to suit your personal
preferences. The amount of lemon juice should not be
altered, as it aids in controlling the safety and storage
stability of the fillings.

When using frozen cherries and blueberries, select
unsweetened fruit. If sugar has been added, rinse it off
while fruit is frozen. Thaw fruit, then collect,
measure, and use juice from fruit to partially replace
the water specified in the recipe. Use only 1/4 cup
Clear Jel per quart, or 1-3/4 cups for 7 quarts. Use
fresh fruit in the apple and peach pie filling recipes.

note: Clear Jel is a registered trademark

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