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Preserving Food Safely - 01600670


For best color and flavor, nuts such as black walnuts
should be hulled soon after gathering. If not hulled
quickly, the bitter fluid secreted in the hulls penetrates
the nutmeat, discoloring nuts and impairing flavor. Also,
leaving nuts in the hull encourages mold growth. Gloves
should be worn to protect hands from the near-permanent
stain secreted by the hull.

Once gathered, freshly fallen nuts must be "cured" or
dried before storage as the nutmeats are still quite moist
and almost juicy. Uncured nuts are difficult to crack and
have a "green", bitter taste.

Before drying, immerse nuts in water and discard any
diseased or rotten nuts which float to the top. This
soaking also removes any accumulation of dirt or insects on
the shell.

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