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weights of cuts to expect*

Field dressed Bone-leg, loin All cuts
carcass rib and shoulder boneless
weight, lb.

200 111.2 86.0
250 139.7 107.5
300 168.2 129.0
350 196.7 150.5
400 225.2 172.0
450 253.7 193.5
500 282.2 215.0
550 310.7 236.5
600 339.2 258.0
650 367.7 279.5
700 296.2 301.0

*"Weights of cuts to expect" is an average for the
corresponding field dressed weights. Individual carcasses
could easily vary 7% and in extreme cases may vary as much
as 21% from the weights of cuts listed. Extent of gunshot
area, aging time, closeness of trim, amount of fat on the
carcass, cuts which must be trimmed because of wounds
resulting from fighting and cuts which must be trimmed or
discarded because of contamination or spoilage are some of
the factors which affect the weight of meat obtained.

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