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Preserving Food Safely - 01600523


Fresh vegetables provide fiber, energy, minerals and
vitamins. Fiber is provided by the indigestible cellulose,
hemicellulose, gums and pectin and energy is provided by the
starch, sugar, and protein. Neither fiber nor energy is
affected by drying.

During blanching, a portion of the minerals and vitamins
is lost by leaching--the amount depends upon the care
exercised during blanching. To keep leaching to a minimum,
blanch only as long as required. Do not under-blanch,
however, because the enzymes will not be inactivated, and
the dried vegetables will be of inferior quality. Even
though some nutrient losses during drying are unavoidable, a
tasty and wholesome product can still be prepared if the
proper directions for blanching, drying, and storage are
followed, and the vegetables are consumed as early as
possible to keep nutritional losses to a minimum.

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