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It is not necessary to add sugar to fruit when canning
to keep the food from spoiling. The sugar does, however,
help retain texture, flavor and color.

Fruit juices may be used instead of water if desired.
Crush the fruit, simmer it over low heat and strain it
through a jelly bag.

Sorghum, molasses or maple syrup are too strong to be
used for fruit syrup.

Fruit not packed in sugar can be packed in its own
juice, in extracted juice, in juice from another fruit or in
water. Processing times are the same for unsweetened and
sweetened fruit.

To pack fruit in its own juice, follow these steps:
Prepare fruit for canning. Add a little water and cook the
fruit to extract the juice. Pack hot fruit into hot jars.
Add boiling water to cover if needed. Adjust lids and
process in a boiling water bath for the appropriate time.

Canning with artificial sweeteners is not advised. It
is best to add these just before serving the fruit.
Saccharin may become bitter when heated. Aspartame-based
sweeteners lose their sweetening power during processing.

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