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Storage can be done in several ways. Late celery may be
stored in the garden for 1 to 2 months by building up soil
at the base of the plant. Gradually build up the bank of
soil to the top of the plant. This should be done before
winter sets in. As the weather gets colder, cover the
plants with straw held down by boards.

Celery may also be dug out of the garden, with the roots
still attached, and placed in the basement or root cellar
before freezing temperatures occur. Set the plants on the
floor and pack them together tightly. If kept moderately
moist, the plants will keep 1 to 2 months.

A third method of storage would be to place the plants in
a trench. The trench should be 10 to 12 inches wide and 24
inches deep. Again, dig out the plants leaving the soil
attached, pack the celery closely into the trench, and then
water. Allow the plant tops to dry off. Make a sloping roof
for the trench and cover it with straw adding more straw as
the weather gets colder. Celery will keep in this storage
until late winter.

Celery should not be stored with turnips or cabbage as the
flavor of the celery will be tainted. The temperature of the
storage area should be near 32 degrees Fahrenheit and the
humidity moderate. The roots should be in moist sand or

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