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Magnesium Firestarter

The magnesium firestarter kit is usually a block of magnesium 1/4" x 1" x 3" with a striker insert on one long side. Scrape off a pile of magnesium into a one inch diameter pile, scrape knife along striker insert and direct sparks into the pile of shavings. Magnesium burns at 5000� fahrenheit!
To Use: Hold firestarter so tip is resting on ground. Place the blade of the tool at a 45 degree angle. Press hard with thumb as you scrape. Tinder should be very close to the end of the firestarter.

I paint all my magnesium firestarters with clear finger nail polish because when wet, magnesium and the striker inset corrode rapidly. I can see through three coats of clear nail polish easily. I bought an acetylene torch lighter (it's called a "Striker") at a welding supply store for $3.00 and I use that so as to save the striker bar on my magnesium firestarter. The time may come when I have only a knife, a poncho, and my magnesium firestarter kit. Then I'll use the striker insert. Even in wet conditions, you can build a campfire with a Magnesium Firestarter Kit.

Warning:If your bar of magnesium ever catches on fire you will not be able to put it out, even under water!

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