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Handyman Tips

Line old sleeping bags with flannel sheets, you fold in half and hand sew a flannel sheet into the sleeping bag for incredible warmth! You'll attach all the way around the bottom section that you lie on, the top you leave loose so you can either "cover up with it" or you can lie on top of the flannel sheet if it gets too warm.

Sharpen razor blades by using the striker on a matchbook.

Duct tape, how can people forget the most flexible and useful material known to man? It has so many uses, from repairing torn greenhouses to sealing pipes.

For nailing small nails, place the nails between the teeth of a comb.

Sandpaper will last longer and work better if the paper backing is dampened slightly before wrapping around a block of wood.

You can secure a loose chair leg by wrapping the loose end with a small strip of nylon hose or thread, apply glue, then reinsert.

Sticky dresser drawers will slide easier if you rub candle wax or soap on the runner on the side of the drawers.

Remember that left is loose and right is tight.

Apply soap or wax on screws for easier screwing.

If a screw is loose, stick a wooden kitchen match or tooth pick in the hole and break it off, then put the screw back in.

If you have a problem with dampness in closets, fill a coffee can with charcoal briquettes. Place container on floor, punch holes in the cover. For larger closets use 2 or 3 one-pound cans. Chalk will also help cut down on dampness. Tie 12 pieces together and hang in closet.

Fill an old nylon stocking with cedar chips for a sweet-smelling closet. This also will serve as a moth repellant.

If you've lost the back of your earring or other small object in your carpet, run a coat hanger over carpet. Most small objects will be tossed in the air.

Fishermen or boaters, drill a hole through a large cork and fasten your key chain through it. Keys will float if dropped overboard.

Store your fishing license in an ink pen. Remove the cartridge and replace with rolled license. Clip to your pocket or store inside tackle box.

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