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U.S. Army Survival Field Manual

Notice:This Database is 40 Megs, there are a lot of graphics so some pages may load slow.

Table Of Content

Ch. 1 - IntroductionCh. 13 - Desert Survival
Survival ActionsTerrain
Pattern for SurvivalEnvironmental Factors
Need for Water
Ch. 2 - Psychology of SurvivalHeat Casualties
A Look at StressPrecautions
Natural ReactionsDesert Hazards
Preparing Yourself
Ch. 14 - Tropical Survival
Ch. 3 - Survival Planning & KitsTropical Weather
Importance of PlanningJungle Types
Survival KitsTravel Through Jungle Areas
Immediate Considerations
Ch. 4 - Basic Survival MedicineWater Procurement
Requirements for Maintenance of HealthFood
Medical EmergenciesPoisonous Plants
Lifesaving Steps
Bone and Joint InjuryCh. 15 - Cold Weather Survival
Bites and StingsCold Regions and Locations
Environmental InjuriesPrinciples of Cold Weather Survival
Herbal MedicinesHygiene
Medical Aspects
Ch. 5 - SheltersCold Injuries
Shelter Site SelectionShelters
Types of SheltersFire
Ch. 6 - Water ProcurementFood
Water SourcesTravel
Still ConstructionWeather Signs
Water Purification
Water Filtration DevicesCh. 16 - Sea Survival
The Open Sea
Ch. 7 - FirecraftSeashores
Basic Fire Principles
Site Selection and PreparationCh. 17 - Expedient Water Crossings
Fire Material SelectionRivers and Streams
How to Build a FireRapids
How to Light a FireRafts
Flotation Devices
Ch. 8 - Food ProcurementOther Water Obstacles
Animals for FoodVegetation Obstacles
Traps and Snares
Killing DevicesCh. 18 - Expedient Direction Finding
Fishing DevicesUsing the Sun and Shadows
Preparation of Fish and GameUsing the Moon
Using the Stars
Ch. 9 - Survival Use of PlantsMaking Improvised Compasses
Edibility of PlantsOther Means of Determining Direction
Plants for Medicine
Ch. 19 - Signaling Techniques
Ch. 10 - Poisonous PlantsApplication
How Plants PoisonMeans for Signaling
All About PlantsCodes and Signals
Rules for Avoiding Poisonous PlantsAircraft Vectoring Procedures
Contact Dermatitis
Ingestion PoisoningCh. 20 - Movement in Hostile Areas
Phases of Planning
Ch. 11 - Dangerous AnimalsExecution
Insects and ArachnidsReturn to Friendly Control
BatsCh. 21 - Camouflage
Poisonous SnakesPersonal Camouflage
Dangerous LizardsMethods of Stalking
Dangers in Rivers
Dangers in Bays and EstuariesCh. 22 - Contact With People
Saltwater DangersContact With Local People
The Survivor's Behavior
Ch. 12 - Expedient Tools & EquipmentChanges to Political Allegiance
Edged WeaponsCh. 23 - Survival in Man-Made Hazards
Other Expedient WeaponsThe Nuclear Environment
Lashing and CordageBiological Environments
Rucksack ConstructionChemical Environments
Clothing and Insulation
Cooking and Eating UtensilsPreface- To This Manual


A - Survival KitsF - Dangerous Fish and Mollusks
B - Edible and Medicinal PlantsG - Clouds: Foretellers of Weather
C - Poisonous PlantsH - Contingency Plan of Action Format
D - Dangerous Insects and ArachnidsGlossary
E - Poisonous Snakes and LizardsAuthorization Letter

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