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Earthship Can Walls

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The picture on the right is a close up of a can wall. You can see how it is layered with cans and then concrete and then another layer of cans. You can also see how the tabs of the cans all point to the outside. This is done whenever possible due to the tab acting as a lathe for the adobe plaster to hold onto.

In this picture you can see how some of the internal can walls are built. In this picture the can walls are being built around the plumbing. Another great feature of building with can walls is that you can form your walls any way you choose. We formed most of our walls with rounded corners instead of the traditional square corners.

In this picture you can see the beginning of the plastering. The plastering of the can walls starts off with a layer of concrete and then finishes with adobe or stucco depending on the location of your wall. Unlike the external can walls, the cans can't all point in the same direction because you need to plaster on each end of the cans.

This is the master bathroom. You can see the tomato plant on the left. This tomato plant produces wonderful tomatoes year round and has lasted three years. The bathtub in the background is shaped to fit your body which is real nice. People have asked us if it bothers us that people can see us through the glass, but when you live out in nature like we do the only thing watching us are the deer and God.

Finished Earthship

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