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Jan, 13 2003
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20:43 2003-01-13
Little Boy Produces Fire Balls With His Eyes

A nine-year-old boy, Igor Nogovitsin from the settlement of Vychegodsky of the Kotlass district in Russias Arkhangelsk region revealed supernatural powers. Many witnesses saw the boy produce fire balls with his eyes; the balls set clothes, furniture and domestic appliances on fire.

The phenomenal capabilities revealed quite unexpectedly when the boy spent his winter vacations at his grandmothers in the settlement of Cheremukha of the Kotlass district. Director of the local administration Boris Bobylev says that before the weekend mother of the boy asked to bring a priest to their home as strange things happened there: pails could fall by themselves, chairs turned over and a kettle fell down from the gas stove. What is more, clothes and furniture could quite unexpectedly ignite here or there in the house. When such unexplainable things happened, only Igor, his 72-year-old grandmother, his mother and his sister were at home. Fire fighters were called for to extinguish the fire. The fire extinguishing team also witnessed furniture and clothes suddenly ignite and burners of the gas stove inflame by themselves. The fire extinguishing team tried to find the cause of the strange ignitions, checked the electric wires, the flues and all electric appliances. No failures were discovered. Some unknown strange source was declared the cause of the ignitions.

Boris Bobylev says that the boy considers himself the cause of the ignitions, as there are red balls in his eyes and in the head, the balls spring out and set everything on fire. Relatives of the boy say that not long before the fire they saw a bright red glow similar to a laser ray going from the boy. This unusual glow was flying about the house chaotically, sometimes it split into several small particles. When it touched the furniture, everything was on fire. Several days ago Igor told his mother that he saw blue and green balls, but the woman believed it was a joke.

The struggle with the unusual ignitions in the house lasted for almost 24 hours. Then Igor told his relatives that he would immediately collect the balls that were flying about the house and let them go out. Igor says: I let 106 balls out of the house, 26 of them fell into the well and the rest flew to the forest. But there are 212 balls still remaining inside of me. Currently the boy undergoes psychiatric and other examinations in a Kotlass hospital.


Translated by Maria Gousseva

Read the original in Russian: http://science.pravda.ru/science/2003/6/20/57/5434_ogon.html

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Ariel Sharon in Big Trouble
The scandal involves the Israeli prime minister, his sons and South African millionaire
As the Israeli newspaper Haaretz wrote, the only force in Israel that can beat Ariel Sharon is Sharon himself. The Israeli prime minister has recently struck a very serious blow on himself. It was probably the strongest blow during his entire career in politics
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Little Boy Produces Fire Balls With His Eyes
A nine-year-old boy, Igor Nogovitsin from the settlement of Vychegodsky of the Kotlass district in Russias Arkhangelsk region revealed supernatural powers. Many witnesses saw the boy produce fire balls with his eyes; the balls set clothes, furniture and domestic appliances on fire More details...

In Honor of Igor Kurchatov: The Symbol of the Russian Nuclear Power
Russia celebrated the 100 anniversary of its outstanding scientist of the nuclear power
The year 1943 was remarkable for the historic order of the Soviet government to set up Laboratory 2 on the base of the Soviet Union Academy of Sciences. The goal of the lab was to create an A-bomb. The first plutonium bomb blew up in August of 1949. The USAs monopoly on the nuclear weapon was destroyed
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OPEC: Global Oil Crisis Inevitable?
Saudi Arabia denied the leadership among oil exporting countries for the third time already
Despite the efforts taken to save appearances, OPEC seems to have lost its control over the worlds oil markets (the control is lost for a while, but still). In the end of the previous year, responsible OPEC representatives told that there was enough hydrocarbon stuff, that prices were within the limits determined by OPEC itself and that all problems were just temporary. However, the situation proved to be different in fact. The continuous strike in Venezuela paralyzed one of the most active OPEC members. And the oil prices exceeded the fixed limits. Moreover, the disputes concerning leadership inside the oil cartel have even aggravated. A crisis was brewing for a long period already until it broke out at the 123rd OPEC conference in Vienna
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Do Ho Chi Minh Heirs Also Want a Bomb?
This is to be not ordinary, but a nuclear bomb
At the time while the leading world countries suggest their plans for settlement of the North Korean crisis, one more Asiatic country declares its desire to have its own nuclear power plant, and if possible, even several plants. The intention was recently declared by Vietnam. Until recently, this country was associated with Americas unsuccessful war and cheap mass consumption goods that have flooded Russias markets. However, it is an open secret that within several years already, Vietnam has been experiencing economic transformations similar to that ones held in China, i.e. the preservation of the monopoly on the ruling partys authority. The transformations made in Vietnam certainly differ from those held in China, and the differences are significant
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Shevardnadzes Ultimatum Is a Bluff
But Russia made Georgia understand who and how will settle the problem concerning the status of the Russian peacemakers in the area of the Georgia-Abkhazia conflict
Georgia President Eduard Shevardnadze wont sign documents to prolong the mandate of the Russian peacemaking forces until the railway communication recommenced in December2002 between the cities of Sochi and Sukhumi is suspended. Eduard Shevardnadze declared this intention at a press conference on Monday. PRAVDA.Ru already reported that refugees from Abkhazia organized mass protest actions against recommencement of the railway communication between Russia and Abkhazia, and against mass granting of the Russian citizenship to Abkhazians; the people blocked the bridge over the Inguri river connecting Georgia and Abkhazia. The refugees demand that the mandate of the Russian peacemakers in the area of the Georgia-Abkhazia conflict must be stopped
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Australia: Ready for War
Australian troops are ready to go to Iraq
Amidst bush fires devastating large country areas of New South Wales and Victoria and Australians enjoying their usual 3-week Christmas holiday, the government announced our SAS regiment is ready to take on Iraq
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Uncle Sams Spam Propaganda
Baghdad blocked all emails from the USA
Whatever you may say, but the Internet has radically changed the world. The truly unlimited resources (which are not yet thoroughly studied, by the way) of the worldwide web are joyful and scaring at the same time. Resourceful Americans started using the Internet as an instrument of propaganda. In the present day conditions, can you imagine what antediluvian methods of propaganda were used in the old days? The best methods were leaflets and humanitarian aid scattered from planes. The situation with spreading propaganda materials is quite different today: a man is sitting quietly in a warm office and emails messages all over the world
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Communist Terrorists Arrested in Ukraine
A group of young men was detained on the suspicion to conduct a series of acts of terrorism
The Ukrainian Security Service (USS) announced about the detention of eleven members of a terrorist group in December of the past year. The nabbed people conducted subversive activities on the territory of Ukraine and Russia. It was also informed that the criminals planned to carry out a series of explosions in Ukraine
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Peruvian Jet Found. No Survivors
47 are feared dead as rescues lose hopes on survivors
Local authorities Saturday found the wreckage of the jet missed in the Amazonian jungle last Thursday. Rescue operations were hampered by heavy rains after the Air Force reported the TANS Airline flight 222 lost contact. The aircraft, a Fokker carrying 47 passengers, was three minutes from landing at the Northern City of Chachapoyas on its journey from Lima, country's capital
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Suicide Bombers Get Ready for War with USA and Great Britain
Thousands of suicidal bombers are ready to fight American military men in Iraq
The administration of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, which is responsible for a lot of attacks on the territory of Israel, called upon Saddam Hussein to use Shahids in the war with the United States. Hamas terrorists recommended the Iraqi leader to prepare thousands of suicidal terrorists
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North Korea: Nuclear Madness as a method of Force Diplomacy
The small, but proud nation managed this Friday to shock the whole world, having declared continuation of its nuclear whims, of which the first was the withdrawal from the Non-proliferation Treaty, which automatically makes North Korea independent on MAGATE, the agency looking after nuclear materials production. While the second demarch was the Pyongyang declaration it does not exclude its ballistic missile tests to be continued. More details...

In memory of Solomon Mikhoels
Yesterday, January 5, was a bitter date 55 yeas since death day of a prominent theatre director, Solomon Mikhoels. Mikhoels was killed, for it was too dangerous to try him, because he was innocent. More details...

The Blagovest Chief-bell to Be Soon in Trinity Temple
In Trinity Temple in the city of Tur, there well be soon the chief-bell Blagovest (church-going bell). The basic complete of the bells was bought by the temple in 2000, since that time the belfry has 6 bells. Though, to have the full complete, the temple had to buy a chief-bell, which was ordered to the Yekaterinburg factory Blagovest, specialized in creation bells of all Russia eparchies. More details...

Bin Ich Krank? Nein, Nein
The story about Federation Council speaker Sergei Mironov who was treated in Central Clinic Hospital
This is the fate of all high state functionaries: the whole life of them is public. Any statement and action of them will be for sure subjected to ostracism. And if somebody of them sneezed or coughed, he could easily consider himself to be dead. At least, when somebody reads about his death in a newspaper, he himself will believe in his death.
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Lonely Superpower: Europeans and Arabs Advise the US How to Change the Image
So far the US is governed by a cowboy with a charged gun, Germans suppose.
The issue of bettering the US image in Europeans and Americans opinion seems to become one of the basic for the US administration. Though we should give Americans their due: they consult about this not only with themselves. This week an authoritative group of foreign journalists secretly told to US Council on International Relations how the US is considered by Europeans and Arabs.
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Peru: Planecrash
Peru's Air Force was searching for a plane carrying 42 passengers that radioed in distress and then disappeared while flying over Peru's Amazon jungle Thursday. More details...

The Lord of the Rings: Not For Children Under 16
The second part of the trilogy Lord of the Rings will start showing in Russian cinemas on January 23
The sequel has already broken the record of the first part of the trilogy: within the first week-end of its demonstration in the USA it returned over 60 million of dollars; but at the same time, the film gave rise to a scandal in Great Britain
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Russia and Japan Want to Cooperate, Territory Problem Still Unsolved
The issue of the Kurile islands should have been solved in 2000
Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi continues his visit to Russia. Some results of this visit can be summed up now, for today was the most important part of the visit: Mr. Koizumi conducted negotiations with the Russian president
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The Reason of Ukrainian Plane Crash in Iran Identified
Aviation specialists finished their works at the site of the tragedy
According to preliminary conclusions made by the Ukrainian state committee, the reason of the Ukrainian An-140 plane crash in Iran on December 23 was a considerable deviation from the planes landing scheme
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Uncle Sam Desperately Seeks Reason to Attack Iraq
Anything goes to start an attack, even a missing American pilot
UN inspectors are at a loss: no banned weapons have been detected in Iraq. However, the Americans have more trump cards to use. One of them is American Air Force pilot Michael Scott Speicher. UN inspectors work in Iraq has reminded a comic sketch over recent couple of weeks. Their futile efforts to find weapons of mass destruction in such original places as a spirit factory, a deserted airbase, or two major stores of Baghdad, can only make people smile
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Karaoke Inventor Earned No Profit
Sometimes when I see modern karaoke, I admire this technique. But at the same time I understand that it has no connection with me
When Japanese Daisuke Inoue was young, he was a drummer in a musical group consisting of young men; the man never expected that he would soon come up with a very important invention. That is why when he invented a device that allowed to sing different songs through a microphone to the electronic music, he didnt even patent the invention. In more than 30 years, the whole of the world knows perfectly well what karaoke is (the translation of the word from Japanese means music without words), many people have it at home
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Kyrgyzstan Government Determined to Get Rid of Opposition Press
High-ranking officials showered a popular newspaper of Kyrgyzstan with lawsuits
Internal Affairs Minister of Kyrgyzstan, Bakirdin Subanbekov filed another lawsuit against the mentioned newspaper, claiming that one of its articles contained slanderous information against his ministry. The minister evaluated the damage in the sum of over ten thousand dollars
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Dark Descent-2
The country which is so much proud of its democracy has never been completely democratic in fact
Americans dislike when someone criticizes actions of American authorities, especially when the criticism goes from foreigners. To tell the truth, the situation is very simple: within several decades the USA popularized the advantages of the American mode of living, they first of all meant the achievements in the sphere of human rights. Isnt it the time for Americans to pay attention to events going on in their country?
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Victims of Anomalous Zones
Investigators of phenomena are sure that geographic places with deadly names are rather anomalous areas
Natural phenomena can hardly be explained, especially if they are dangerous. Some of the geographic names on the map are terrifying: the Hill of the Dead, the Devil Bog, the Gorge of Death. Each of these places is covered with lots of mysterious legends saying not only about an accidental death of a traveller, but about mysterious deaths mostly
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Marek Belka: "Russia will Never Enter into the European Union"
The former Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, exclusive for PRAVDA.Ru
His detractors and some sources in the Polish diplomatic world say he cannot freely walk down Warsaw streets. Marek Belka introduced in the 1990's the free market drastic reforms in the former communist Poland, which drove unemployment up to 18%. After leaving public affairs in 2002, this controversial man joined JP Morgan as Senior Advisor for Central and Eastern Europe. PRAVDA.Ru could dialogue with him at the Polish Embassy in Buenos Aires and he expressed his opinions about relations between Russia and the European Union.
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Chilean Couple Killed its Seven Babies
Local authorities reported that a couple of poor peasants killed its seven children as could not feed them. Babies were killed between 1995 and 2002 only hours after born and buried in locations close to Santiago, Chile's Capital City. More details...

US Agency Proposes to Sterilise Drug Addicts
Prevention Project Foundation offers 200 USD to drug addicts in return for sterilisation
The actress Barbara Harris set up the Prevention Project Foundation a decade ago on the West Coast. The Foundation has been so successful, it has opened offices in a number of other states. However, the current proposal to sterilise drug addicts in return for a 200 USD pay-out has shocked humanitarian campaigners.
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Prestige leaking
Submerged oil tanker releases 80 tonnes of fuel oil per day into the Atlantic
A Spanish scientific team set up to investigate the state of the hull of the Prestige, a Liberian ship which sank in the Atlantic Ocean off the Spanish coast with thousands of tonnes of toxic fuel oil on board after breaking in two, has concluded that the vessel is leaking 80 tonnes of fuel oil per day into the sea.
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2 Terrorists Arrested on Chechen-Ingush Border with 80 kg of Plastic Eplosives

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