Aphrodisiacs Made Easy

There have been many aphrodisiacs through out the ages. Rhinoceros horns, crushed beetles, snake blood, ox penises, monkey brains, are all rumored to entice sexual prowess. It is unlikely that the average person would have these items available, so we decided to do some research and find an aphrodisiac that would be easy to find for the casual user. We checked with many people and came up with a list that might help the average person achieve their full potential with items easy to get from your local supermarket. We at Comedyzine do not warrant or in any way recommend using them. They may be potencally dangerous. The following is for entertainment purposes only.


Chicken eggs are one of the most popular aphrodisiacs that are easily accessible. Most call for several eggs to be eaten raw, just before sex. Cooking the eggs is not recommended. Some people take raw eggs and slowly massage it on the gentilia of both the man and woman. Then lick it off each other. Be sure they are mixed well before applying.


Though it is widely believed that various animal penises may be aphrodisiacs, this is completely false. Most vegetarians have a stronger sexual desire then meat eaters. In India the cow is scared and never eaten, the sexual energies of the Indian people is far greater then Americans. This may be due to the lack of beef in their diet, or the properties of milk. Got Milk? Some believe the calcium strengthens more then bones.


Mushrooms are by far the favorite aphrodisiac. There are various kinds and each has it's own history. Mushrooms have a unusually high content of glutamic acid. This may be the main thrust of it's aphrodisiac powers. Dried porcini mushrooms cooked slowly in butter and garlic are tasty aphrodisiacs, as well as the portobello, dipped in egg, seasoned with garlic and grilled. Amanita muscaria has been acclaimed as the most powerful of aphrodisiacs. One man claimed after eating them he was stiff for five days.The mushrooms are dried and eaten raw, however death has been know to be a side-effect. So, one way or the other you'll be stiff. Radishes , garlic and Vadalia onions are all known for their sexual powers. A salad of mushrooms, radishes, garlic and Vadalia onions is a recommended source to improve sexual enhancement.


Clams are by far the most popular of the seafoods to be thought of as an aphrodisiac. On some islands in the Caribbean, live shrimp are eaten during sex. In parts of Europe, sardines are a favorite of love potions.


It is widely believed that the early American settlers used various insects as an aphrodisiac. The most often used today is the common cockroach. Ground up and seasoned with cinnamon, it is added to coffee as a tasty sexual potion.


Our most instinctive reaction is the sense of smell. The billion dollar corporatations constantly search for the right smell for their perfumes and colognes. Some aromas have a definite aphrodisiac effect. The jasmine, sandalwood, cinnamon and frankincense, all are widely known for their effects. As mentioned earlier, applying raw eggs are popular, mixing the eggs with cinnamon is known as a turn on for the female. There are many different cultures some believe in softly massaging ones own urine into their lover will enhance sexual and spirtital love.

We don't know what will work for you. If you try any, let us know which you preferred.